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"I use this machine on my horses often. Soreness disappears, swelling diminishes, etc. I have a mare who had a throat problem and could not whinny. She didn’t whinny for over 5 years. After 3 days of a 10 min. session with the Equitonic - she started whinnying and still is. No further treatment has been necessary."

Kathy Schlehuber, Alpine, CA

"Tendonitis - Horse wouldn’t put weight on front leg. Treated front shoulder (Mind) setting 10-15 minutes, eight times per day. Horse was able to walk again. After steroid RX, the horse could run again."

Dr. Cheryl McFarland, Beverly Hills, FL

"A three-year-old thoroughbred filly was found to have a bad ulcer on her epiglottis, which was interfering with her racing ability. She habitually made it worse by displacing it herself out of nervousness. We began using the machine 10 minutes in the morning. We repeated for another 10 minutes about 10 minutes after the first treatment. This continued for 2 weeks; sometimes an afternoon 10-minute treatment was added.

The filly was rescoped 14 days later to find we had an 85% improvement. We continued on for another two weeks, morning treatments only. This was a very unusual case as the only known treatment for this condition is drugs and/or surgery. The filly ran and won her next race after this treatment."

Gale Patti, Great Neck, NY

"I have owned an Equisonic since July 1988. How I was introduced to it was through my Chiropractor who gave me your newsletter telling how your employees used it on horses as my chiropractor knew I had horses with lameness and muscle problems. I knew I needed to try one and have used it extensively for my horses for their muscle tightness and inflammation in their feet from the chronic laminitis. It has been heaven sent as now I can help them relieve their pain. I’ve treated other friends’ horses with good results. I feel I couldn’t be without it as it serves me in many ways."

Norma Weyers, Pella, IA

"Fracture of tibial crest with open wound to joint of thoroughbred horse. Told by several vets that horse would never be sound to ride except for trail at a walk. After 8 months and three sets of x-rays no apparent change. Horse was not healing and would never be sound. Use the Infratonic (Mind) for one month, every other day, for fifteen minutes to one half hour. Held transducer directly over fracture.

In only that one month, x-rays taken again. Vet said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop”. The fracture has almost healed and almost all of the arthritis was gone. I truly believe the Infratonic healed my horse. He is not lame at all. And it is all quite amazing. You should see him run and buck and play and never take a sore step. Thank you."

Lisa Yarchar, Safety Harbor, FL

"This horse was a wonderful jumper. 9 years old and because of his size and ability he had contracted a bone chip just below the left knee. I had watched this horse for a year prior to buying him. He would jump beautifully for a month and then would be off for 2 months. She had the leg x-rayed and was told of the bone chip. This had been going on for a couple of years and would have continued had the owner not taken ill and decided to sell Bailey.

He was off when I purchased him. I was ready to have the surgery on the leg when I started the treatments with the CHI. The leg was scanned a month later and the vet felt that the surgery wasn’t needed at that time. That was two years ago and he hasn’t had an off day since.

UPDATE: 4 days ago Bailey slipped off a sidewalk coming back from a trail. He tweaked his shoulder and limped a quarter of a mile back to the stables. Thank goodness the Chi machine was in my truck. I worked on him for one hour and then gave him an herbal anti-inflammatory. When I started he was on 3 legs; when I left he was back on all fours. What is really interesting about this whole CHI thing is that it does work. I believe that the reason animals responds so well to it, is that they do not know how not to. They just know that they feel better.

I’ve had people call it Voo Doo and chuckle under their breath. Yet, my horses are fit and happy. The people who have the most to say about my methods have 3 horses off and vet bills climbing. I’ve turned around 2 at the barn and the office and they now have their own machines. They watched and saw what it did for me and my babies. Thank you. You have contributed to my well being. My horses appreciate you too."

Su Bacon, Monrovia, CA

"9 month old filly, spooked and hit extensor tendon on left leg over fetlock joint. Within one week tendon showing thickening. Did not respond to wraps or sweats. Treated with Equitonic 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week (Mind) then 10 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Reduction in thickened area on tendon about 80% in 6 weeks. Now about 90% reduction in tendon size. Joint almost look normal. Enlargement of joint areas are faults in conformation. This filly is showing in breeding/sport horse classes where confirmation makes up a large part of her overall score."

Tammy Opperman, Whitesburg, GA

"Horse, contusion and ligament damage to joints when hoof was caught in high fence after horse reared up. A 10 year old gelding who had reared up against the fence during the night had been caught in a strenuous biomechanical situation, made worse by twisting the hindquarters around in a half-circle so that the forelimb was twisted awkwardly in a form of horse jujitsu, and was held in that position for hours. Two days after the incident, the Infratonic was applied to the forelimb, which was swollen, torn, hot and tender to touch.

Initially, the horse was skittish about the unusual vibratory sounds from the transducer, which was made one week later. The immediate results of the Infratonic application were reduction in swelling and tenderness, which did not return. As the horse was placed on lead to walk, the hesitancy and limp that had originally been visible was much less apparent. Then, during lunging activities, it was possible to observe the horse self-adjusting to the increased capability of the leg by beginning to place more weight on the leg and by obtaining a more even stride."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

"I bought the equitonic about 2 months ago to treat a tendon injury in my weanling filly. She had wacked the entensor tendon at the fetlock joint on her left front leg. The tendon showed some thickening with a lump at the site of injury. She never took a lame step but as a horse showing in breeding classes this would hurt her show record. After 2 months with no sign of diminished swelling, my vet suggested sweat wraps. The wraps only made the filly mad. They did not reduce the size of the thickening. After almost two months of 5 day a week treatments, the thickening is down about 80%.

The filly's mother has been semi-retired. She is a retired race horse that found a second career in dressage. We have been stuck at first/second level because she has arthritis in her hocks and chonic back pain. This was making her unreliable in the show ring. She was never really lame but just sore. This is the reason she was bred. I have been using the machine on her. Her attitude has changed. She is sounder than she has been in years. She is schooling third level dressage. I hope to get her back into the dressage arena and earn my USDF bronze medal with her."

Tammy Opperman, Whitesburg, GA

"I treated the shin of a horse that was showing inflammation and a lot of tension. I used the Infratonic (Spirit) for about 45 minutes. After the treatment the inflammation was gone and the area was much more relaxed. The trainer was impressed with the dramatic results."

Dudley Wilkerson, Ankeny, IA

"My patient is my 7 year old expensive Oldenburg Dressage mare, imported and beautiful. She developed ring bone and upward fixation of the patella ligament. We are training for International competition. I tested the machine at Big Animals and desperately want to own the Big Animal product. After using the machine on her 5 times for 45 minutes each treatment, she was on her road to recovery.

It also helped heal arthritis in my hands and back. My mare is being ridden everyday; improving everyday. She is a Grand Prix horse and I hope to have this machine for her and all the other horses in our barn. It is remarkable. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist. This machine worked miracles on Enta, my mare. This is a powerful healing device. May I have one?"

Tisha Green, Park City, UT

"My horse and I have used the Equitonic consistently for 2 years. Luna, my 8-year-old mare who competes in Endurance with a very heavy competition schedule, has crooked front legs and weak front hooves (a lot of stress to this area). I work as a horseshoer and compete in Endurance with 2 horses; heavy physical demands daily. I treat Luna 3 times a week on acupressure points throughout whole body, sweeping (Body) large muscles.

Myself, I treat daily, 2 hours in evening from head to toe (especially lower back and legs. Luna - with rides every 2-3 weeks including multi-days has consistently finished in top 10, winning many rides and in best condition with no pain medication after any rides. I have maintained a grueling physical schedule with only occasional Advil. After every treatment at night, I sleep well and wake refreshed and ready to go."

Elfta Hilzman, Ramona, CA

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