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"In two potentially disabling injuries, I found the Infratonic machine to be extremely beneficial in restoring the injured part to full use without pain or swelling within twelve hours."

John T. Zurbriggen, Torrance, CA

"I have achieved marvelous results with the Infratonic, especially in treating soft tissue injuries. I practice Aikido, a self-defense martial art, and have taken the Infratonic to summer camp with me to treat numerous soft tissue injuries."

Conny L. Young, D.C., Vacaville, CA

My daughter has a young male friend, 23 years of age, Todd who had an automobile accident. It had caused severe trauma to his brain in the frontal lobe; his shoulder blade was broken, his leg was broken with bone protruding through the skin and he had a fractured pelvis. He was in a coma and was in the UAMS trauma unit; he could not even breathe on his own for two weeks!

The doctors told his mother that he could not possibly live past two days; if he did he would be totally paralyzed and he would be a vegetable. She had been given so little hope and she was willing to try anything! I immediately took the Infratonic to the hospital. Since Todd was in so much pain due to his injuries, we placed it on a pillow under the hospital bed with the transducer pointing up under the head area. It stayed on almost constantly.

In less than a week he was out of a "sleeping coma" and into a "walking coma" and started moving his right hand and arm, (he had not moved on his own before this). In two weeks, he was moving both arms and legs. In 3-4 weeks, he started moving his right leg; in 6-7 weeks, he could move his toes on his left foot. He had been unable to talk and had a trach, and it was difficult to know if he could understand us. I left the Infratonic with his mother and told her to keep it at least two more weeks.

When I returned in two weeks, his trach had taken out, he was talking and knew almost everyone! However, his mental ability was such that he was a child of 10-12 years. But at least he was alive and was talking and knew us! In less than three months, this young man went from two days to live, total vegetable if he did, unable to move his head or any extremities, to functioning completely on his own physically, and mentally back to a 23 year old with a wonderful life ahead of him. He was walking with a cane."

V.A.B., Little Rock, AR

"I had an accident ten years ago which caused a lot of soft tissue damage. I had a lot of muscle spasms. I could not sleep or lay on either side at night. I couldn't find any relief. It always felt like everything was out of place. I took Reiki from Judy Nowak and during the class she let us use the Infratonic machine. I couldn't get over the fact that I could get out of the chair and move so easily after using the Infratonic for about an hour. Judy let me take the machine home and use it throughout the night. The next day I was so happy and without pain that I danced.

I bought my own machine after that and use it on an average of two hours a day. I am feeling so good that sometimes I forget to use it. The relief it has brought to my feet, ankles and knees is worth every cent. I love my Infratonic machine and would tell everyone to buy one. I also would like you to know that I am a registered nurse, but even the knowledge I had didn't help me. I had no relief till the Infratonic machine did it."

Mary Helen Galosh, R.N., Girard, OH

"Retracing discomfort from Atlas, C-21 & G-3, out since August 1994 when I went on amusement park ride. Started upper cervical chiropractic November 2000. Remarkable treatment to cure whole body. Adjustments sometimes held, sometimes went out. I started using Infratonic 8 May 0f 2002. I use it several hours per day on neck, shoulder, and head area. (Mind) End with (Spirit). Chiropractor performed nerve interference graph test. All clear. Checked leg length, muscle challenges. All clear May 9th, 2002.

Visits to chiropractor will be cut. Saving money. Adjustments are holding. Pain is gone. Dizziness/fatigue is cut but still there. Energy is restored after I use the machine. Abdominal organs are “happy”; they gurgle when I place the transducer on crown of head, back of neck, pineal gland, and bottoms of feet."

Jane Humphries, Yucca Valley, CA


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