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"Problem: post traumatic knee disorder

Treatment: directly on the knee - three separate treatments

Quality of Life Improvements: able to ambulate without pain"

Dr. Marv Cagle, Greenville SC

"Knee pain & swelling. A 45 year old man was planning on having surgery on his knee. He couldn't stand the pain any longer. He was limping and the pain & swelling was considerable.

Treatment: I sent him home with the Infratonic. He applied it once a night for 20 minutes for a week, on both sides of his knee on high. This treatment put him right to sleep.

Quality of Life Improvements: After one week he reported the pain & swelling were completely gone. He was no longer limping, and he didn't have to go in for surgery. He was one happy man."

Sabrina Manuel, Price, UT

"My left knee had stiffness, swelling with pain and weakness when I would walk. The knee was swollen and measured three inches larger than the right. I had used ice, ultrasound, and electronic stimulation but without relief. Dr. Young told me about the Infratonic machine and suggested I try it on my knee. I had immediate relief after the first treatment and all the swelling remised after the second visit, all within three days. My knee had been hurting for over a week."

Charles E. Butler

"I got up from my desk and somehow my foot didn't go the way my body went. I twisted my knee and all of my body weight fell on it twisted. The pain was so intense that I saw stars and felt sick to my stomach. My co-workers helped me, back into my chair. They put ice on my knee and told me to sit there awhile I put my foot up and left the ice on it. By the end of the day, I was feeling better, so when I got home I started cleaning by running my sweeper. Well I did the same exact thing as I had done at work, and down I went only this time I was DOWN!

I called my neighbor and told her of my situation. Judy put the Infratonic machine on me for two hours. At the end of two hours, she iced my knee, wrapped it and gave me a crutch. I returned two more days and we did the same exact thing. In three days, I could walk with no swelling and very little pain. The X-ray in three days showed only a little bruise on my knee. I know of others who have done what I did and they needed surgery. I am very thankful for the Infratonic machine. Even the doctor when he looked at the X-ray was astonished. I use the Infratonic on my Reiki clients and myself. I wouldn't want to be without one in my life. I tell all about its wonders."

Donna Gilbert, Reiki Therapist, Niles, OH

"Disabled Veteran. Injury to left knee (9 surgeries), lower back (3 surgeries), cervical neck (4 surgeries) and bone deterioration. Skin problem from surgeries, grafts to lower back adhesions (Mind) 2 hours per day holding in contact at place of pain. Lately, just 1 hour, a few inches above pain. Bones are no longer soft, able to withstand surgery and no danger of breaking. Pain in neck 90% relief. Back about 95% relief. Still need pain meds with strenuous activity."

Rev. Bob Gilley, Tyler, TX

"Severe left knee pain for over one year. Used (Body) over the pain, 20 minutes, approximately 4 times a week for 6 weeks. Noticeable change after first treatment. Increased range of motion. Able to kneel, squat, and play sports without pain. Can now work in garden, play with kids, sports, work; all without the pain I had."

Joseph LaBarbara, DC, Utica, NY

"Female, 43 years old, with knee pain of 3 to 4 weeks duration. (Mind) Patient placed face down on table. 2.5 minutes above knee at 45-degree angle toward knee and 2.5 below knee. To check if the “blockage” is gone, held over same side heel (through shoe) and observed reaction. Patient not touched with transducer, nor could she see what was being done.

After the two first 2.5 minute periods, I held the transducer over her heel and after 15-20 seconds the patient jumped up to standing and declared “What did you stab in my heel?” I said, “Nothing”. After we both calmed down, she related that both her knee and heel pain were gone. As this person has continued as a patient here, I have asked her periodically how her knee pain was. She said it never came back."

Gary Jackson, Aloha, OR

"Swollen knee, inflamed Achilles tendon. Swept with transducer (Mind) for 10 minutes. Reduced pain. Can run and jump again. Full flexation in ankle."

Jerry Nelson, Arvada, CO

"Having 4 CHI units, and being a chiropractor, I use all units for soft tissue injuries. Knee and ankle injuries. I’m the team doctor for 3 soccer teams. No operations past 3 years. Prior to this 7 knee operations. Orthopedic doctor can’t believe my results. Very happy families having sons restored to normal function without operations."

Dr. R.A. Oth, Fort Pierce, FL

"Patient, age 32, woke with severe knee pain. Had difficulty walking. Could not go up or down stairs with right leg. Chiropractic adjustment decreased pain by 40-50%. Then strapped Infratonic transducer to lateral knee for 20 minutes (Mind). Patient treated one time. After treatment, patient was pain free and able to walk up and down stairs without limp or pain. Patient was very pleased!"

Larry Nelson, DC, Idaho Falls, ID

"Knee jammed under dashboard in front seat in vehicle. Bone bruise and tendon sprain. Used Infratonic 8 directly on left knee 20 minutes (Body) for 6 treatments. Now have more flexibility in muscles and tendons, less muscle spasms, less pain walking. No pain while kneeling down or putting weight on injured knee. Reduced pain meds by half and time of healing was speeded up. Severe leg spasms that were interrupting sleep have stopped. Able to resume exercise program."

Carol Gates, Lake Oswego, OR

"Knee replacement. Used (Mind) 2 to 3 times a day for an hour each time. Reduction in swelling and pain. Walking, reduced pain, advanced healing."

A. Gordon Reynolds, St. George, UT

"Knee sprain/strain medial collateral and patella ligament and tendonitis. 4 treatments, 20 minutes with ice and cross friction. Condition fully resolved. Freedom of pain, increased range of motion."

Bruce Fissette, DC, Newport Beach, CA

"I injured my knee while getting up from the floor. I am a very heavy person. I pulled tendons and muscles and popped my knee out. It took several adjustments from a chiropractor to get it back in place, but it would not stay in place. The pain was something else. So I decided after a couple weeks when it did not get better on its own to try the QGM. The first treatment was for 1-1/2 hours (Mind) placed directly on knee. That night, another two hours on muscles and tendons around knee and under the knee.

The next day it felt a little better. So that day I sat for eight hours and applied it half way up my leg, all around and under my knee, halfway down my leg and below my knee. The next day I could not believe how good I felt. I placed the transducer on the spots and also swept from my upper thighs through the tips of my toes. I used it each night for the rest of the week. Now I have no more pain. Also, when the chiropractor adjusted it after that, it stayed in place. Thank you CHI Institute for developing this great machine."

Karen Rauch, Jenera, OH

"31 years ago, cartilage of knee removed. Knee very swollen and painful. Knee replacement not encouraged due to the younger age of client. Knee replacement not recommended at this time. Also, 1-1/2” Baker’s cyst on posterior knee. Frequent of repeated treatments of Chi machine (Mind), 20 minutes during rest times for two weeks. Treatment ongoing. Already showing significant recovery of swelling and reduction in the size of the Baker’s cyst. This is now relieving the intense pain. Client walking and sleeping much better. Less Motrin and Aleve. Client amazed at the swift, noticeable relief. Has tried many things in the past."

Judy McKinley, Arvada, CO

"Patient fell hard on her knees on concrete. Extreme pain and swelling with limited mobility and range of motion. MRI showed loose body (cartilage); MD diagnosed joint affusion. Began treatment with 10 minutes (Body) 3 times per day on and around injury site. After 2 weeks, moved to 10 minutes each (Body)(Mind)(Spirit), 3 times per day. Swelling noticeably reduced as well as radiant heat in area of injury. Greatly increased mobility and ROM. Great reduction in painkillers and anti-inflammatories being taken. Walks with less pain and more mobility. Reports better sleeping (which had been a big problem even before the accident) and optimism even though on a temporary leave from work because of injury on duty."

Linda Prock, Garland, TX

"Left knee, torn ACL. Reconstructive surgery, Avograft (cadaver) ACL & torn medial meniscus repair. I placed the transducer (Mind) on knee points, 3 incisions, swelling also on back of knee, plus bruising, 20 minutes each location. Treated 2 to 3 times per day for 2 months. I did not have to take painkillers. There was a reduction in swelling. Seemed to assist with prevention of scar tissue and bruising. The machine stopped working and I returned it for repair on May 28, 2002. I slept well while I was using the machine. I have not been using the machine for about 6 weeks. I will be interested to see if it assists in final healing of meniscus repair, getting rid of swelling and getting rid of scar tissue under kneecap that has now developed. I will use it diligently once I get it back."

Joanna Conrad, Denver, CO

"33 year old female experiencing pain, edema, restricted movement in left knee 6 months post-surgery for arthroscopic repair. Infratonic was applied by the woman to her sore, swollen knee for one hour during a meeting as we sat in adjacent chairs. The extensive discomfort that she usually felt when she stood up and began to walk did not occur after using the Infratonic for the one hour period. The edema had been reduced and the pain was slight, and movement was much easier to accomplish. Three weeks later, when pain and edema again dominated, purchasing an Infratonic became a priority. Investigation revealed that the woman’s insurance could cover the cost of purchase of the Infratonic if she received a prescription from her in-network physician and an in-network supplier. Arrangements are being made accordingly."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

"Chronic knee trouble since the age of 13. Torn cartilage, knee goes out of joint, gets fluid on the knee. After using the CHI 4.0 machine I no longer suffer. I am 55 years old now. Treat 20 minutes (Mind) randomly on the knee, acupuncture spot and directly on the pain spot. No longer does the knee dislocate itself. I can run again, and jump my horse. In the past, too much pressure on the knee (holding on with my knees) would cause my knee to go out of joint. Now I can live again! I’m not so limited in my activities. I don’t use painkiller any more either."

Kathy Brew, Waialua, HI

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