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"Chronic inflammation of left leg blood clot removed in 1968. Required 5 weeks hospitalization in intensive care. Prolonged standing or sitting causes swelling. Use of support hose required. I put the Infratonic 8 on my left calf at night (Body) for about 5 minutes and then I switch to (Mind), then (Spirit). I feel better all over, not just in my leg. I am no longer in support hose. My husband remarked that my leg no longer looked swollen. I walk without pain. I can sit and stand without pain. My attitude has improved. I think more clearly (loss of pain helps in every way). I no longer fear the problem with this leg."

Barbara McFadden, DC

"While catching for one of the pitchers on my son’s baseball team, I got hit in my shin with the baseball. I had a bruise, which was very sore to the touch and a hard visible lump on my shin for weeks. The injury was not getting better. The lump was hard and sore. I placed the transducer directly on the lump and bruise for ten minutes (Mind). After one treatment, it was 80% better in reducing lump and soreness. After two treatments, the injury was 100% better. The visible hard lump on my shin disappeared after two treatments. I was amazed at how my Infratonic cured the injury in two simple treatments, when Mother Nature wasn’t doing anything in weeks."

William DeFeo, Langhorne, PA

"I fell and hit my leg against the curb of the sidewalk. Calf muscles were bruised, swollen and painful. I used the Infratonic once a day, 30 minute treatments, for 10 days. Swelling in the calf muscles subsided. Black and blue bruises are gone. Pain is gone. I am gardening, jogging and working pain free in the office again."

David Goodfield, DC, Grand Junction, CO

"I have been a ballpark vendor for 39 years. I run up and down the steps at ball games selling cold beer, soda, etc. I am also a heavy equipment operator, which means that I sit in a cramped cab of a machine and hit throttle, brake, throttle, brake with my foot for 8 or more hours per day. Due to the heavy stresses that my legs and ankles have been under, I had developed pain, swelling and stiffness in my lower extremities. When the Phillies baseball team was out of town, I was pretty close to normal in my ankle size, and I could walk without a limp. But after the first game of a home stand, I would get pain and swelling. I would also be limping.

Previously with my old QGM I would have a lessening of pain after direct applications over a period of days. I would not return to almost normal till the team had left town for a couple of days. With the Infratonic 8, I placed the machine by my bed and let it run through the night. I received indirect treatment with a minimum of 2 hours at each of the Infratonic 8’s three settings (Body) (Mind) (Spirit).

Lo and behold! When I got up the next morning I couldn’t believe it. There was no pain, swelling or stiffness. I could walk without a limp. This has continued since I first started using the I8 in April. Previously I had been using the direct approach on my ankle. I did not start the indirect approach until after I talked with Janine at the CHI Institute, who told me of the success that she had with the machine over her desk. The continuous setting and the whole body approach have been very beneficial for me. Thank you."

Byron A. Sharpe Jr., Bala Cynwyd, PA

"A few years ago I encountered a moving vehicle, which ran over my foot and injured my leg and shoulder. Once in the house and cleaned up, I used the QGM on my foot, top and bottom and on my leg and shoulder. I did not realize it at the time, but using the QGM on my foot has taken care of hypoglycemia also. The next day I was able to walk and move about. Within 3 days soreness was gone. My foot is fine now, pain and symptom free. Most recently, chiropractic and massage therapy treatments have not been real successful in treating an aching back. 20 minutes each day with my QGM is all I need to be pain free. Thanks for your production of such a fantastic machine."

Janie Butterfield, Quincy, CA

"56 year old woman with chronic daily left calf pain, for many years. History of chondromalacia patella. Unsuccessful medical treatment. Used QGM 2 to 3 times per week, 10 minutes at knee joint to upper calf. 7 treatments (Mind). 100% pain free after many years. Normal gait. Able to walk any distance without pain."

Dr. Bill Puglisi, Cedar Grove, NJ

"Torn anterior crushat ligament. I could not use my left leg to go up or down stairs. That leg could not really hold my weight well at all. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that surgery was absolutely necessary, that a ligament cannot heal because it gets no blood supply. The Chi machine helped a lot. I put it on my knee everyday for 2 weeks. I never had surgery and I am now able to do Tai Chi as well as walk upstairs."

Mary G Arana, Charleston, SC

"A 65 year old male with right hip replacement with an iatrogenic surgical mishap, which damaged a major nerve to the lower leg, producing desensitization and foot dropsy. Patient had a blood clot in the thigh and severe edema throughout the right lower extremity with pain and immobility, and low back and hip pain. As a component of therapeutic care, the Infratonic was applied to many areas of the swollen thigh, knee, lower leg and foot. Except in the area of the blood clot, the transducer was placed directly against the tissue. Sweeping was applied initially over the entire body to introduce a sense of relaxation to the tissues and to the nervous system.

Therapeutic deep tissue release and rehabilitative stretching and mobilizing activities for the entire body were applied in conjunction with the Infratonic, which was used on the affected lower extremity. The combination of tissue release and the tremendous effectiveness of the Infratonic in reducing edema and pain, and increasing the body’s recognition of the work to be done in healing an injury, produced so much relief for the patient during the first day, and repeated on the second and third day, that the patient responded with a grateful, “You’ve given me my life back.” Integrating the Infratonic with therapeutic tissue work and exercise as well as education of what the patient can do to make life better increases the probability of a more successful outcome under these circumstances."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

"I am a massage therapist for a racing casino. Several weeks ago, one of our jockeys was kicked in the upper thigh by one of the horses. The kick was delivered with such force that there was an imprint of the horse’s hoof on his leg. He experienced much pain and there was extensive blue/black bruising. I treated him twice using the Infratonic 8. I swept the entire leg (Body) several times and then treated his ear for a few minutes. I then treated directly over the affected area. Shortly after the second treatment, the pain was gone, the hoof print disappeared and bruising was gone. He still has a knot in his thigh, but there is no pain involved. The jockey was extremely pleased and surprised by the quick results."

Dudley Wilkerson, Ankeny, IA

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