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The Story Behind CHI

This is a tale of intrigue, devastation, struggle, and hope. When asked, “Why CHI Institute?” our story really begins with our founder, Richard Lee.

In his early years, Richard was always attracted to the scientific aspects of things. “If it’s real, it must be measurable!” he would frustratingly express to his older brother, John, who was head deep into crazy things like Transcendental Meditation and all this other “energy” stuff. Those conversations often drove Richard crazy. John’s idea as a teenager was that prana was real, but the presentation he gave of its supposed capabilities sounded more like magic to Richard than anything. As their conversations became heated, Richard found himself confused and infuriated by these claims John would make. This unintentional “teamwork” provided the fuel Richard would need for what was to be a long journey into the unknown…

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Enhance Your Human Experience.

CHI Institute integrates ancient Eastern methods and pioneering technologies to reduce struggle and enhance the human experience.

CHI Institute thrives only because we provide resources that enable our loyal Tribe to enhance their human experience. We provide physical resources, the worlds most advanced tools to calm rebellious cells and oxidative pollution. Our educational resources incorporate insightful customer service, educational newsletters, published research, blogs, and social engagements.

Our mission is to uplift humanity and the environment. We pursue this not solely through our products, services, and educational outreach. At CHI Institute we use our political power–not at the voting booth, but in the marketplace, making conscious buying decisions. We promise to use our wallet to stand up for humanity.

Trust has always been cornerstone to our 30 years of relationships with our Tribe. Breaking our Tribe’s trust for short-term economic gains has never and will never be in our DNA. We support the individual freedom to make fully informed choices. CHI Institute avoids manipulative marketing and sales techniques, instead, providing resources that strengthen an individual’s confidence and ability to make their own choices.

Heartfelt Science is the only way forward. Traditional research methods are invaluable to answer yes/no questions supporting some of our biggest scientific breakthroughs. But the scientific method is not enough. All findings and potential products are validated through intuitive, heart-felt means. Only those technologies that feel harmonious with Earth and Nature as tested by a variety of people will ever get into production or become published. We will not sacrifice the wellbeing of our team, society, and our Tribe by accepting publishing, or producing that which fails our Heartfelt Science test.

Meet the People Behind CHI

Here are some words from the people behind the scenes at CHI Institute. We are a little goofy, a little fun, a little human and little “out there” but here at CHI Institute, we all love helping our amazing customers – our tribe.

About CHI Institute: Richard Lee, Owner/FounderRichard Lee, Owner/Founder

Owner / Founder

Madisyn HorningMadisyn Horning

Director of Operations

Customer Service Representative

Shipping and Repair Coordinator

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