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Acute Protocol for Psychosomatic Fibromyalgia

Psychosomatic Fibromyalgia:

Mind/body pain is very real, even if many doctors can’t find a cause. Where low back pain is closely associated with unconscious reactive patterns meeting unconscious assumptions, we can get low back pain. However, where we consciously buy into theories, dogma, or narratives that our heart tells us conflicts with our lives there is a different sort of inflammation and pain. Here, we have the nervous system trying to jam those nerve pathways that lead from the heart to repress the dissenting voice. When we buy into a false narrative, or partially false dogma, and it conflicts with our true nature, the voice of the heart, we feel physical pain, and often extreme emotional pain. However, when the nervous system manages to jam a large number of nerve plexuses with inflammation overload, it turns into debilitating physical pain. Doctors lump this psychosomatic condition with outer pain conditions under the billing code Fibromyalgia. To me it is simply caused by unwillingness to listen to the dissenting voice of the heart.


The CHI Palm Protocol for Psychosomatic Pain: 

How can we approach this and other psychosomatic conditions with the CHI Palm? Fortunately, the CHI Palm comes pre-loaded with the Acute setting which combines the Balance setting with signals measured from people’s hearts, presented in our highly unpredictable format. This awakens both the wisdom of heart awareness and the analytical awareness of the nervous system. It is best to awaken this conversation slowly, because both sides might get even louder, increasing the inflammation. So start with a minute or two on a pain point, then change to the Deep Calm setting for five minutes, which people with psychosomatic pain often find quietly soothing.  Gradually increase the time for the Acute signal. The Balance setting, while soothing the inflammation, tends to increase the volume of the analytical voice, so use it sparingly.  Actually, it is most practical to try all three signals to discover how the pain responds to each.


While applying the Acute and Deep Calm signals, it is valuable to talk about what you believe with the idea that it is just one of many interpretations of the real world around you. In this way, you can feel which of your beliefs cause you pain and gradually soften your rigid beliefs. Invite your intuition to suggest different interpretations of the world around you. When you find perspectives that allow your body to relax, continue to explore them. For most effectiveness, approach this exercise as if nothing is rigidly true and nothing is completely false.


The world around us is nothing more than WHAT IS in the Present Moment. You can watch programs that you would not normally watch, or engage in conversations which you would normally avoid. Do this as an exercise to temporarily suspend analytical judgments and float in the world of WHAT IS, playing with wild and unconventional narratives. Gradually increase the time of the Acute setting until you become open to the inspiration of the heart. You will probably find that your heart is more full of new ways to look at things that make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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  1. This sounds interesting. I would like to arrange a time for me and my husband to visit and talk about your products. He is an engineer and likes data, etc.

    Thanks. Joy

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