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Are you stressed by travelling?

Is traveling a stressful ordeal for you, too?  When I’m faced with a cross country flight, I immediately feel anxious.  I begin to think about sitting over six hours breathing in recycled air. As a tall woman, I feel discomfort sitting in small and confining spaces for hours. Outside of those initial anxieties, I enjoy travelling, though more importantly I enjoy reaching my destination.

Recently, I began to use my CHI Stone throughout the day (not just for air-travel). I experienced a notable decrease in the anxious energy I had been previously experiencing while shopping in big box stores, malls, and grocery markets. I often fell victim to frustrated, tired, stressful or anxious energies that weren’t actually my own! I’d been having such a great and energetic day, why did energies drastically change as my day progressed?


It wasn’t until I wore my CHI Stone while shopping at a local hardware store and grocery store that I had a realization. I was not only able to contain my personal energy,  I also wasn’t being bombarded with the emotions and energies of those around me. The difference I felt was remarkable! I felt whole and energetically contained, as if I had full control over energy being exerted as well as received from my surroundings. I no longer felt abnormally drained, tired or anxious after shopping.

This got me to thinking, What could I expect the benefits to be if I wore my CHI Stone throughout the day, and also slept with it under my pillow? Other than possibly draining the battery I couldn’t see any negative side effects that might cause me to think testing my theory wouldn’t be beneficial to my experience.

What I’ve learned through my experiences is that wearing my CHI Stone throughout the day has contributed largely to me being able to “master my energy” and, in essence, protect me from being drained unknowingly by people in my surroundings. I’ve noticed that my sleep is more restful and I wake up less throughout the night.  I am now able to recall dreams with ease and I overall feel more rested and recovered by the morning. The CHI Stone is much more than a mere “travel” device to me, it is an energetic lifesaver.

I highly recommend holiday travelers giving the CHI Stone a try not only for travel but for everyday use.


-Bri Jackson


What’s your favorite use of your CHI Stone? Engage your Tribe, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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