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Aztec’s Story

A long time customer shared her experience with Richard. Her dog, Aztec, had a intense surgery and this is how the CHI Palm helped him during his healing period- in real time, a conversation between our founder Richard and Aztec’s mom, Rae. 

Rae:  Long night! Didn’t get Aztec home until 7:00 – He was up until 3:30 crying.  It’s crazy, they cut the bone and rotate it so it’ll support the upper bone in the absence of the ACL. It’s all held together with a metal plate and 8 screws.

Richard: That’s serious unconscious trauma!!! Try the CHI Palm from a big distance. Try starting on the Acute setting (the left button), maybe from 6 feet away.

Rae: Sorry, I haven’t slept since night before last. Thank you.

…Two days later

Rae: Aztec started trying to attack his incision yesterday afternoon. It’s driving him batty – It’s also very warm to the touch and getting too red. The cone they gave him doesn’t completely prevent him from reaching the incision so I have to watch him constantly and I sleep with an eye open to prevent him from tearing it open.

… The next day: 

Rae: I started using it last night – will continue. How many sessions a day do you recommend? It was interesting. I was holding it about 2 feet from him (6 feet would have put me across the cold room and I was too tired) and his leg started twitching and did a couple of initial jerks before settling down.

Richard:  I would recommend continuous. You can put it in a Kleenex box or something like that to keep it positioned. You will probably find that you can have it much closer now. Though 2 feet away will be very helpful. Ideally, you would have it. On for a few hours and off for a few hours, but on continuously, or on all night, is not bad compromise. It will probably increase the amount of uninterrupted sleep you get! Aztec will be able to adjust the strength of signal by moving closer or further away from the Kleenex box.

Rae: Kleenex box is brilliant. Here’s a photo:

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Rae: For the first time in 24 hours he’s not frantically clawing at his incision, not even when I had to leave him unattended for 10 minutes. It’s such a relief, feeling like I can relax and breathe for a few minutes.  

Next day….

Rae: Aztec seems to be improving. His incision is driving him crazy. 

Richard: Try the different signals for 5 min each. The itching is likely from the bone trauma. Felt in the skin because that’s where the nerves are.

Rae: As you suggested, I have been cycling through the different signals at 5 min. each and Aztec is soundly sleeping instead of frantically trying to get at his incision.

Next day: 

Rae: Aztec was attacked by a wild cat a year ago and was so traumatized (it was crazy). Now, when he sees me with a cat here, like now he gets super anxious – to put it mildly. What setting would you recommend I try using on him while I have the cat to work on releasing the trauma.

Richard: Deep Calm (the right button) on Sacrum works great to help dissipate unconscious traumatic reactions. 

5 days later….

Rae: He’s zooming around on 3 legs, still trying to tear his stitches out, relaxes and naps best when I put the CHI Palm going after a warm compress. I saw him once yesterday put some weight on the leg. He has his first follow-up Friday.

After the follow-up….  The vet was shocked at how well Aztec’s knee looks. He seemed floored that Aztec’s leg was doing so good – he kept watching him walk on it and exclaiming “look at that! It’s amazing, It is just beautiful.” He was very excited and said something about healing ahead of schedule. Aztec is doing great, other than still trying to rip his stitches out. Here’s another photo:  

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If I could only convey how unusual this is – I left him unattended without wearing his cone for 45 minutes. When I came back he was in the exact same position, almost asleep. He hasn’t torn the towel off or tried to pull his stitches out! The CHI Palm relaxes him so much and I can only assume, brings him relief.

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