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CHI Sun and Mitochondria

Decoding the Future: How a DNA Communicator Foreshadowed the Phenomenon of the CHI Sun Device

During the process of evaluating three prototypes of the CHI Sun, I contacted Joel Bruce Wallach. We had an hour-long conversation on the effects of the CHI Sun on the approximately 10 people who had used it. As he turned his clairvoyant vision on the collective experience of the cells of these CHI Palm test subjects, his attention was immediately drawn to the DNA. As we discussed these effects a picture developed in which epigenetic distortions caused by exposure to our modern technological life were getting into the cytoplasm surrounding the DNA in every cell and in every mitochondrium.

The heavy metals, free radicals, EMFs, and media misinformation were infiltrating the cytoplasm surrounding the DNA. They were essentially putting the DNA to sleep and distorting its normal wisdom, reducing our vitality and immune system. From his perspective, the CHI Sun helps to tune the DNA to its original universal source of wisdom which he calls Source. This initiates a process of “spring cleaning” where the DNA wakes up and initiates a process of cleansing and revitalizing our cells and mitochondria.

It took me weeks to absorb what he had shared. I found it disturbing to my more “body as a biochemical machine” perspective, yet at the same time, exciting and challenging.
Here are the notes he took while we spoke:
Here are the notes he took while we spoke:

1. Re: DNA: epigenetic shifts:

Re: DNA: epigenetic shifts: Modified, but not cancelled — Pathways are reconfigured — Enhances the flow of energy pathways in the DNA that are supportive of health —

Enhances the DNA communication between DNA files to support body-mind harmony, to support cellular respiration —

Re: enhanced communication between DNA and higher levels of consciousness: Enhances the DNA’s memory of its essential structure, which is in the same pattern as Source —

Before use of CHI Sun: The cells, and DNA, were utilizing their best memory of the Source pattern, without comprehending that DNA is Source —

Cause of loss of knowing of its Source nature:
Lack of coherence, AKA out-of-tune —

Cause of disconnect from Source:
All the ‘usual suspects’, ie. sugar, vax, seed oils, etc, are all “lies” according to the DNA; these lies are not true paths or representations to Source.

2. Does CHI Sun affect DNA in mitochondria differently from DNA in the cell:

No, the DNA function is still DNA whatever form it’s in —

In both cases, it is a ‘communication language’ that facilitates expression of the higher coherent pattern into material octaves, “the Source Code” —

DNA influencing mitochondria: Prior to CHI Sun, mitochondrial ‘firing’ is not synchronized — With CHI Sun, mitocondrial ‘firing’ is more synchronized, and with more participation of all the mitochondria in the cell —

Provides more energy for body and mind, and more attentiveness (ie, less ADHD).

3. Usage of CHI Sun to achieve mitochondrial enhancement of mind (not having ADHD):

  • Start with 20 minutes usage on first day
  • 10 minutes daily thereafter
  • OK to skip one day of use
  • Skipping two days of use may result in some loss of mitochondrial coherence (given our modern life of toxins and Chaos)


  • Ideally, at least 10 minutes daily
  • After 6 months, can tolerate non-use for up to 4 days,
    More than that reverts to some mitochondrial destabilization

After one month of non-use (after initial 6 months of use) the body may gradually revert to its baseline starting point of not being able to remember the Source connection, in the presence of heavy metals, seed oils, EMF, etc.

Joel Bruce Wallach

Joel Bruce Wallach

I welcome you to learn more about Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment where I share effective step-by-step methods with you that will gently help you remember your true self. Our goal is to access real, centered cosmic awareness, with clarity of mind, stability of emotions, integrated with stable body presence. Learn more about Joel at

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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