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Human Attunement to Nature

Full Human Potential: Coherence, Purity, and Attunement

What is the potential of the CHI Sun?

We humans are largely crippled because we have lost attunement with Nature. We can see that Nature is a mutually supportive ecosystem. If we look at Earth, the weather, the rivers, the Sun, and the ozone layer, all of which provide support for the life we observe in Nature, we see a level of coordination and support without which life on Earth would be impossible. However, we as humans find ourselves, in so many ways, out of sync with this mutually supportive ecosystem. We find ourselves as isolated individuals.

As we lose coherence with Source, our bodies are pulled out of touch with the coherent organizing field that keeps Nature in sync. When our bodies are pulled out of sync, they lose their inner pilot. They are set adrift in a world of erosive factors, deteriorating, and relying on crutches like pharmaceuticals, hi-tech diagnostics, and surgery. You may have wondered what brings about spontaneous remission in cases of chronic degeneration. It is simply attunement with Source, which induces coherence like that found in Nature.

When the DNA does not hold the cells in coherence, we have degeneration. When the DNA comes into coherence, every cell in the body seeks to come into coherence with the body as a whole. This can mean spontaneous dissolution of energetic patterns like viruses, the vital fields of bacteria, and the willfulness of cancer cells. It is a pathway toward optimal health.

The CHI Sun: So far, we have seen and heard reports of strong signs of attunement.


In Nature, we see an overall pattern of mutual support and cooperation. This is the coherence that allows Nature to thrive. We are out of touch with Nature, largely because of the heavy metal, metabolic waste, and toxin content in our cells. It becomes so great that epigenic corruption prevents our DNA and mitochondrial DNA from attuning with higher alignment. This means that our cells can only do the best they can in trying to participate in our human lives, repeating behaviors that seemed to work in the past, However, they don’t have the attunement needed to remain in coherence with the rest of the body. Without coherence, we drift toward just a bunch of individual cells. We begin to develop inflammations and autoimmune conditions, along with a host of other disorders which each cell must deal with individually. Without attunement our healing system is incoherent.

Human DNA Attunement


There is an ideal purity for human blood. With pure blood, the cells naturally start to clear themselves of heavy metals and other toxins. It is principally the kidneys that filter the blood and the digestive system they provide the nutrients needed to augment the blood. However, ultra-processed foods, whether HFCS, bleached white flour, alcohol, or industrially processed seed oils are such small particles that they slip right through the intestinal wall, flooding the blood with foreign compounds that throw the blood way out of its ideal blood balance. Often, a lot of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins sneak into the cells this way. Even at maximum capacity, the kidneys cannot keep the blood pure. This, in turn, causes the toxins to build up in the cells and in the mitochondria. Once again, these foreign molecules in the cytoplasm cause epigenetic distortion of the DNA (including mitochondrial DNA), throwing the DNA out of attunement with the organizing frequency, signal, or coherence field of Nature. When the DNA loses coherence with Nature, it loses the capacity to clean and purify the cell. Without cellular purity, we can’t have the coherence and attunement to bring about spontaneous remission, optimal health, and realization of intuitive awareness and full human potential.


Once we attain DNA attunement, highly efficient cleansing can begin. As optimal epigenetic conditions are restored, we can easily eliminate radioactive elements, heavy metals, and metabolic waste from the body. What’s more, we become immune to the EMF fields that surround us. Further, as our intuitive awareness builds, we become able to perceive lies, information that is incoherent with Nature. We see through the detrimental programs of governments and politicians. We perceive the difference between moral right and wrong in our own behavior and are able to take responsibility for our own actions and circumstances. We become able to govern ourselves just as Nature is self-governing.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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