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CHI Palm Key to a Happy Stomach

Making Peace with Menstruation: PMS is a Pain, Limited Options, Frustrating at Best

PMS is a pain. At least for me it is and for most women since the early age of around 14.

We are told by our mothers and grandmothers that the symptoms we have are normal processes in all women’s lives and we must simply deal with them. We visit our doctor and try to explain the pain, heavy period flow or strong PMS symptoms that are interfering with our lives. The doctor’s response is commonly to offer some sort of birth control that contains a synthetic hormone, blocking the body’s natural functions.  When I ask for something more natural, their response is for me to go home, take some pain medicine, use a heating pad and maybe have a stiff drink to help ease the pain. Frustrating at best.

PMS, premenstrual syndrome, happens a week or two before the period begins. PMS includes a laundry list of dreadful symptoms like cramping, insomnia, constipation, muscle and back pain, and mood change, just to name a few. On the market today, there are limited options available to help relieve some of the symptoms. New supplements are often introduced but what’s in them? Do they contain some sort of hormone? Or is it acetaminophen, caffeine and some type of antihistamine? We are left in the dark with little hope.

Where is the alternative? Doctors regularly push synthetic hormones from big pharma companies as the only option to help any of the symptoms. Personally, I find this causes more pain and suffering from the side effects while still leaving me dealing with basic PMS issues. Women’s lives cannot simply halt once a month because of our period. We still must find a way to deal with all the ailments. I continue to work fulltime, attend school and care for my family. I want an alternative to fake hormone therapy, unknown supplements and caffeinated yet drowsy pills to address only some of my symptoms.

I came across this testimonial, from Jamie, a prior employee:

From Jaime Lindholm…

CHI Institute Bulletin Review – Menstrual Cramps: “An intense stabbing pain woke me up. Really bad cramps. I applied the DEEP signal and got a little increased pain for about 3 minutes, then got occasional cramps, maybe 1 per minutes. After that, the pain was gone. Just to make sure, I slept with the Infratonic all night. I felt good the entire next day until 8 pm, when cramping started to return. I waited until 10:30 to be sure the pain had really come back, which it had, and again applied the Deep signal. This time I got a slightly increased pain, not like before. After 5 minutes all the pain was gone. I left in on for 30 minutes total. The relief lasted all night and until noon the next day, but even then, when it returned it was nothing more than minor 30 second cramps.”

A simple application of the Infratonic gave Jaime dramatic relief and even a resolution to the suffering. I have begun testing the Infratonic. I start out by placing the Infratonic on my lower abdomen on balance setting for about 30 minutes at a time provides dramatic relief from my cramps. Secondly, I discovered that placing the Infratonic on my thymus on the “deep calm” setting helped me sleep soundly throughout the night. Sleeping with the Infratonic also evened out my irritability. Also, I suffer from hormonal migraines, placing the Infratonic on the left side of my head, the spot where the pain is most intense; on “deep calm” setting helps soothe the intense pressure. I finally found the natural relief I have been looking for.

Searching through our User Reports, I came across more women who had similar experiences with even more severe symptoms than what I experience. Here’s a review:

5 out of 5 Stars

This is the BEST machine to use for menstrual Cramps: “In the past, I have always had horrible menstrual cramps where I am doubled up over in pain. I would always dread having my period. Now that I have been using the Infratonic, I place it on my lower abdomen for about 10 minutes, and the pain goes away! Now, I don’t dread having a period anymore. The other plus factor using the Infratonic is that my periods seem lighter, so no more heavy uncomfortable flows. Yeah!! I love it and you will too!!”

She states that her cramps have subsided, even lightening her periods. This worked for her. Maybe this can help others relieve their symptoms. While I continued to search through our archives, I found a report from a doctor who incorporated Infratonic therapy for menstrual problems into his practice and reported his research on Amazon:

Bert Rodriguez-Munnet, Chiropractic Physician

Relief from menstrual pain is commonplace with the Infratonics: The common abdominal and low back pain during menstruation experienced by so many women responds very well to the application of Infratonic technology. Just by gently holding the sound head over the lower abdomen and/or even the lower back the profound relief can be felt within moments. The cramps are markedly reduced and sometimes the heavy menstrual flow is reduced as well. On a pain scale of 0 to 10 with zero being no pain and 10 being the worse; pains in the 7 to 8 area will go down to 2 to 3 within 20 minutes or less. It’s not uncommon to get pain improvement to the 1 to 0 zone as well. Even exceptional chronic and extremely painful conditions can respond using the Infratonic as the main instrument but in some cases the person needs additional assistance and supervision from their doctor to get the desired results. The beauty and elegance of the Infratonic is that it is so totally non-invasive and gentle; quite the contrary it de-stresses, gives relief and makes you feel good, not just relieve your pains.

This shows that, at least in one doctor’s practice the Infratonic is not only good at alleviating painful cramps but de-stress the mind and body, and even assisting in lessening excess menstrual flow.

How does the Infratonic work, you may ask?

From my understanding the sound waves penetrate and bring cooperation at a cellular level. Have you ever been completely overwhelmed with a situation? You just start frantically doing everything in your power to fix it. Your cells do the same thing when inflammation begins. Your cells are overwhelmed struggling to fix it but not working together using anything they can to help fix the problem. The Infratonic sends out low frequency sound waves putting your cells into cooperation so they can remember that they have the tools within themselves to help and that they must work together to be successful. Depending on what is needed in the body, cells might produce a strong immune response or produce more healthy bone or muscle cells, or, as in the case of joints, more Hyaluronic Acid.

When I first heard the claims about the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm], I was skeptical. Others claimed it can help resolve my various complaints. I was blown away. I have found it is able to calm me down, put me to sleep, and subside my aches and pains without hormones or medication. If the Infratonic 9 can help relieve all these symptoms what other women’s issues can it help with?

Have you used the Infratonic to relieve women’s issues? Please share with us the methods that work best for you.

Any tips for addressing mensuration naturally? Engage your Tribe, share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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    1. Hi Penelope,

      Naturally the Infratonic is used to relax stress, bring down anxiety levels and an overall calmness to users. Using the Infratonic to level out moodiness or irritability from PMS will work wonderfully.
      The best method I have found was placing the device on my thymus with no timer. I just allow the device to run. It clears my mind, calms my irritability and sets me up to be level headed throughout the day!

      Thank you for the question!

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