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Sleepless Nights / Insomnia

Sleeplessness vs CHI Sun

For as long as I can remember, I have been unable to sleep. While others would doze blissfully I would spend my nights recounting the fears instilled in me from work, from the evening news or talk radio, or even overhearing coworkers arguing over world events. I would second guess the decisions I had made during the day, judging myself for not being productive enough or praying that my paycheck would cover my bills. I would flip through the TV channels hoping to find something boring enough to put me to sleep.

Often, it all failed and I would pop a sleeping pill. Even then it was hit and miss. I would often watch the light of dawn approaching, not having had a wink of sleep. then, when the alarm goes off I would hit snooze a few times. Finally I would force myself to get up. My head throbbed. I felt groggy from the sleeping pill and I felt exhausted. My body craved caffeine, which revived me enough to function. This was my life night after night, morning after morning.

Sleeping Pills Are No Alternative

Then this April, I met Richard at CHI Institute. When he got his first three prototypes of the CHI Sun, Richard found out about my sleeping challenges and insisted I try one of them out. When I first used it, I felt relaxed, calm, and centered, but not much more than that. However, when I got it home that night, I cuddled up with my pillow and held it in my hand, I was drawn to the sound of birds. It helped me to relax. My mind was on birds and not worries. CHI SunWithin minutes I noticed my breathing pattern change, becoming deeper and slower. I was asleep within 15 minutes (when the birds stop chirping). This was amazing because it usually took hours.

With the Chi Sun, I no longer wanted the sound of the TV, but just wanted the chirping birds. This has continued each day, noticing my breathing relax and usually drifting off before the birds stopped singing. I have been waking up a minute or two before my alarm is set to go off. I wake up feeling more rested and definitely more connected, embracing my mornings instead of dreading them.

[6/23/23] I had been using the Chi Sun every night for 28 days straight.

Then Richard needed it for another test subject. He said this was a great opportunity to test the ongoing value of the Chi Sun. So, I reluctantly gave it up. Now I am on day two of not using it. While using the CHI Sun I had been waking up feeling connected and ready to embrace my day, waking up a few minutes before my alarm was set. Although I am sleeping at night, I don’t feel I am getting the same quality of sleep.

This morning I woke up and although I didn’t feel bad, I also didn’t want to jump out of bed and embrace my day. I wanted to hit the snooze button. Last night when I woke up I felt lost that I couldn’t grab the CHI Sun off the nightstand. I actually considered taking a couple of sleeping pills. I resisted by remembering how groggy those pills left me in the morning. What I miss is that peaceful, quality sleep and calmness within 5 minutes of using the CHI Sun. I have returned to the habit of turning on my TV to provide background noise. The first thing I noticed when using the Chi Sun was how I felt my breathing pattern shift. I don’t feel it without the CHI Sun.

[6/26/23] I got my Chi Sun back and the feeling of connectedness and readiness for the day returned after my first night’s sleep with the CHI Sun.
Wake Up Refreshed and Renewed

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