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Chaos Therapy: Global Impact

You may have the impression that the world is getting more and more chaotic. We have seemingly irrational government edicts, politicians all taking sides and calling each other liars, apparent increased death rates, and violence in the streets. As we back off for the big picture, we see a process that might be called Chaos Therapy. Our thoughts and beliefs are being thrown into the washing machine and we have no idea what will emerge. In Chaos Theory, increased chaos destabilizes old traditions and institutions. Then, abruptly, a new, higher order of organizational simplicity emerges. So, let’s take a peek from above:

Life is drifting toward the Golden Age. Human minds are facing abrupt “factual” fits and starts. “Train wrecks” of biases, loyalties, assumptions, and trusts are cast asunder across the landscape of the world. This is needed. The traditions and institutions are crumbling so human minds are clinging to any remaining crumbs for apparent foundational stability. It is a truth that those who relax over the next few weeks and months will be living in the same world as those who panic and struggle. The world has already made the transition to the Golden Age. It is only the opinions and biases, loyalties and addictions of the human mind that have not yet made the transition.

Recalibrating to a spiritual foundation is the only way forward.  It has always been the only way forward because the human mind so easily falls victim to deceit, to baseless fear, manipulation, and partial truths based on faulty assumptions.

Those who seek to manipulate, and control use human learning modes which they regard as weaknesses. However, from higher perspectives our learning modes are a big part of our humanity:

  1. We like to be told what we already believe.
  2. We like to believe what our neighbors believe.
  3. We like to do and say what others are doing and saying because, when we do, others are more likely to like us, accept us, and allow us to have freedom, express love, and live our lives without stress.

As long as we are free from manipulative controllers, this works very well for human civilization. This loving cooperation is a hallmark of the Golden Age. It is already upon us. All we need to do is relax into the worldwide Chaos Therapy and let go of the judgments and biases of our past. Suddenly we discover we have arrived in a New World that has been patiently waiting for us.

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