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CHI Palm Frequently Asked Questions

CHI Palm

The CHI Palm is $695.00

This includes: CHI Palm, Quick Start Guide, Charging Cable, and Battery

When will the CHI Palm be released?

We have confirmation that the first set of CHI Palm’s will arrive at our office early December, if anything changes, we will be sure to keep you updated

What happened to the Infratonic?

The CHI Palm is an Infratonic 11! We just like the name CHI Palm, don’t you?

Can I use this on all members of my family?

YES! The CHI Palm is FDA approved, 100% drug free and non-invasive. We encourage you to use it on every family member, even the dogs and cats!

How is this different than the Infratonic 9?

It is similar to the Infratonic 9 but has many more advances in the technology. More powerful stimulation, lower frequencies, and more control. The Infratonic 9 got an amazing upgrade.

What type of battery does the CHI Palm take?

The CHI Palm takes a Lithium-Ion battery 18650. They can be purchased online! One battery will come with your Palm

Why can I only buy 1 unit per order?

We only have 200 units in our first shipment! We want to allow each of our Tribe members a chance to get one. We will be getting more in early 2021!

What happened to the Equitonic 9?

We still have some Equitonic 9s for sale! Our Palm has the amazing ability to change the intensity of the frequency and the signals are more tuned to each frequency.

What are the settings?

Our settings are Acute (left), Balance (middle), and Deep Calm (right)

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