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Deep Calm

Deep Calm Protocol for Unconscious, Reactive Issues

The Deep Calm signal provides a frequency range within the Delta range. Much like our Nessor therapy, the Delta signals puts your cells in a state of plasticity so they can release the reactivity. Releasing unconscious reactivity will allow you to step into a more calming and peaceful daily life.

The Protocol referenced here is just one way to use the CHI Palm.

Low Back Pain:

Low back pain is the leading cause of lost hours worked because we repress our desires and aversions. How is this a physical thing?  The digestive system has two sides. On your left are your stomach and pancreas which love to absorb the sweetness of life. This isn’t just food. Appreciating flowers is an example of this function. On the right side, you have the liver and gall bladder, which produce bile to break down heavy oils during digestion. This function pushes away that which is unpleasant in our lives.  Both are connected to the sacrum, the second chakra, and regulate motivation, the fire of desire and passion. The solar plexus stores and enforces all the rules we have internalized. ‘I don’t deserve.”, “The world is a struggle.”, “It is bad to go for what I want.”, “I’m going to fail if I try.”  The solar plexus connects to the Lumbar spine. When we want something or want to get rid of something, our rules or inner critic often tells us to keep quiet, to suck it up. The fire of desire in the Sacrum meets the fear and repression in the Lumber and a battle ensues at around L-4/L-5. The result is pain and inflammation where sacrum meets lumbar, and often degeneration in the lumbar vertebra.

Low Back Protocol with the CHI Palm:

Many have asked, “What is an owner of a CHI Palm to do?” Because we are dealing with unconscious, reactive habits, the most effective signal is Deep Calm. However, bringing issues of this conflict to the conscious awareness often causes emotional turbulence. This means that you will want to go slow at first. When this is the case the Balance setting is particularly effective. Thus, an effective protocol is often to apply Deep Calm to the L4/L5 area for 5 minutes, alternating with the Balance setting over the thymus on the upper chest.  You might also want to apply the Balance setting to the L4/L5 area to calm the inflammation with less awakening of the battle to the conscious awareness. Approach this in whatever way makes you most comfortable.  While the Balance setting on the L4/L5 area may provide pain relief, the protocol with Deep Calm will work toward long term resolution of the internal battle.


To enhance the long-term benefits, you might spend some time thinking about (or talk about) what you really want in your life and why you are not striving for it. You might think about the real-world consequences of pursuing what you want. You may realize there are many things that are not worth pursuing. You may realize that your unconscious habit of repressing the pursuit of your desires may have seemed necessary when you were a child but does not serve you today. You may also discover that you can easily obtain the objects of your desire if you just approach them another way. Not only can you discover how to fill your life with more of what you want, bringing the conflicts to the surface while exploring your options can bring great resolution to the source of the low back pain. After the pain episode passes it is best to repeat the protocol once a week with Balance to encourage the low back to become stronger and more resilient.

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