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What is cellular trauma?

Our cells suffer lasting emotional imprint from traumatic injury. We can see this cellular trauma in a surgical scar that remains hardened and inflamed for years after the surgery, or in the thousands of chronic ailments that end in “—itis,” or in chronic inflammation itself. All of these are caused by residual cellular trauma. Cellular trauma shuts down normal functioning of the body and impedes healing.

We can also see this on a larger scale when a person undergoes a major traumatic experience and is left with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The traumatic experience is so deeply embedded in the cells throughout their body that they re-experience its horror repeatedly in their daily lives.

On an intermediate scale, when a person suffers from long-term mental stress, he or she might suffer from mitral valve prolapse, a paralysis of a heart valve allowing back-flow of blood and reduced heart efficiency. Cellular trauma can shut down normal functioning and impede healing.

On a lighter note, for the athlete – everyday or elite – cellular trauma is the reason recovery is needed post-workout or –performance. The stress taken on by the muscles during a performance causes inflammation – a type of cellular trauma. Without proper recovery for an athlete, cellular trauma from performance can break down the body.

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