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Improve Your Driving Experience

An Environmentally-Responsible Tool for All Drivers

The Challenge Of The Daily Commute

A healthy commute is becoming more important than ever before with traffic these days. More than 76 percent of Americans drive alone while commuting to work every day, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And, only nine percent carpool. There are 150 million workers in the U.S., according to 2016 American Community. This means there are at least of 115 million cars and trucks on the road daily.

The average commute for most of those cars involves traffic and a lot of it. Stoplights. Stop signs. Delays and standstills. Honking. Driver safety incidents. Close-calls. Pedestrians. In other words, the daily driving experience for millions of Americans sucks.

Embracing Your Commuting Struggle

On top of it all, commuting exposes drivers and passengers to high levels of oxidative pollution. This can contribute significantly to anxiety and road rage. Oxidative Pollution can impact the overall health and wellness of the people in the vehicle and reduce driver safety. Even if you’re in an electric vehicle, other non-electric automobiles can expose you to their combustion and affects your health.

How To Easily Begin Your Journey To A Healthy Commute

When drivers plug in an Auto CHI Guard, they create a net-positive result for their driving experience, their passengers’ experience and the experience of other drivers and passengers.

The difference between a ride with an Auto CHI Guard and one without is the difference between breathing fresh air and breathing city air. Many people who are used to breathing city air often don’t think about the air they’re breathing. That is, until they head to the beach or forest or countryside. How many times have you driven to a forest, stepped outside and taken a long, deep breath to smell the sweet atmosphere? The detoxifying visceral reaction to breathing fresh air is tangible.

With an Auto CHI Guard, the quality of the air in the cab raises. For some, there is an instant, obvious difference. For others, they notice it after a drive that normally would tax their body and mind. There are those, still, who don’t notice the effect of the CHI Guard directly but they have noticed a change within themselves.

If you have a harder time noticing more subtle changes in your human experience, we recommend visiting our environmental page to learn about the CHI Guard’s contribution to the health of our planet.

Driver Safety and Planet Sustainability

Turns out, it’s feasible to drive while embracing environmentalism and contributing to a healthy planet! It may seem that we are the outliers of the environmental movement. There are many messages telling people to stop living their lives to ensure a net-positive effect on our planet. However, more so than the environment itself, humanity really needs the saving. Mother Earth is taking care of herself. Read more here.

Oxidative Pollution and Oxidative Stress

Most of us could be more conscious of our impact on Mother Earth and our fellow humans. We could change our diet, use solar power, or drive electric vehicles. Yet, often the most impactful and changes shifts are easy or even seem small.

Sometimes that means buying groceries from the local market rather than the big corporate grocery store. Being environmentally conscious means riding your bike to work. You’ll feel better being active and prevent more oxidative pollution from filtering into the air.

Another easy environmentally-friendly lifestyle pivot is using an Auto CHI Guard in your car. It’s a cost-efficient, effective, and easy way to make a small change to support the environment around you.

What does the Auto CHI Guard do?

The Auto CHI Guard acts as a filter. It reduces the high and toxic energy of oxidative pollution coming from auto combustion, forest or brush fires and agricultural burning. All the while, it also enhances your driver safety.

Simply plug in a Guard to your vehicle’s charger and drive on! Yes, it really is that easy. And, yes, it is OK to feel OK about helping yourself and the environment with something this simple. The Auto CHI Guard is an environmentally-responsible tool for all drivers. Everyday commuters, to LYFT Drivers to career trucking drivers can each benefit from the Auto CHI Guard

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