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Hydroxychloroquine Reduces Death Rate for COVID-19

There has been some debate on the effects of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) when applied to COVID-19 death rate in hospitalized patients. So often, debates ignore the data. So, here is the US data for most of the deaths of Americans. It shows that, since early April, the death rate was strongly influenced by HCQ:

This graph is based on the data published on  The states prohibited from using COQ according to were Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Two of the states with the highest death rates, New York and Michigan, originally prohibited use of Hydroxychloroquine with COVID-19 patients. However on March 24 New York ordered HCQ from the White House and started testing. (2min)

On April 4, Michigan started testing.  Thus, Michigan was about 10 days behind New York. On April 5, New York ordered and received a large quantity of HCQ to begin HCQ among COVID-19 patients throughout New York hospitals. As can plainly be seen, those states that continue to prohibit COQ for COVID have about 3 times the normalized death rate as the states that used COQ more aggressively, New York and Michigan. If it had been applied in all states when New York first had evidence that it worked from France, China, and anecdotal New York hospitals, and started administering it widely, we might have saved tens of thousands of Americans. We don’t know what the results will be when COQ is used universally with seriously ill COVID-19 patients, and with future outbreaks of other novel coronaviruses. COQ is likely the reason that the thousands of beds and thousands of ventilators provided by the Feds were not used in New York.

Motivation: The reason we started studying the statistics about repression of HCQ by the states was because of this report we saw on the web: (2min)

On watching this 2 minute video, we asked, “Has repression of HCQ increased death rate?” The above research indicates that many of the deaths in the USA and around the world might have been prevented if HCQ were not repressed by the media and by politicians.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Essential to wellness for Covid-19 patients. Sadly, Texas is one of the states that forbid the usage, thus our death toll numbers continue to rise, whereas New York’s death toll number has decreased with the administration of COQ.

    There are MD’s in the DFW area that has a successful remedies protocol, they include CBD, Zinc, COQ, Erythromycin, Aspirin, and Losartan.

    I have been researching holistic remedies,such as homeopath and other sources, alternative to the pharmaceuticals

  2. Amazing! Dr Stuart! You found the post. We never sent it out as an email. It was posted so we could send it to President Trump. The day after we sent it, he announced he was taking HCQ prophylactically. As you undoubtedly know, there was a family physician who reported great results in Texas with Hydroxychloroquine, then, largely based on her video going viral, reported that they had forbid it’s use in Texas. It appears some of that was reversed, at least allowing it to be used for hospitalized patients. Then, very recently, the FDA prohibited it and the Lancet article declaring it as dangerous was withdrawn and found to be highly fraudulent. Clearly an information war zone.

    It is unfortunate that human lives are being sacrificed for the sake of politics.

    Thank you Dr Stuart for your observations and we wish you ongoing success with your Naturopathic practice!


  3. Richard, Thank you for your note. I am consistently researching and seeking solutions for improved health and wellness. Thus attempting to discover solutions for C-19, especially if I can convert some with holistic remedies. In the meantime, I am pleased to be receiving my new Equitonic. I previously owned the Chaos, which I purchased two decades ago. I used that unit on humans, canines, felines and
    BTW, did you have the opportunity to view the video of Dr Richard Bartlett with Debbie on America Can We Talk? view here –

    Many blessings and success.
    Dr DJS

  4. hmmmmm. I looked up albuterol/c-19 for the countries mentioned and found no support for Dr Barlett. Albuterol is used for asthmatics including those who may have covid. He may be finding results in his own practice but the support he claims from the broader community doesn’t seem to be there. For now I’d stick with sunshine and vitamin D, and aspirin to avoid the lung damage.. As you know, putting the Equitonic over the thymus or on the upper back often jumpstarts the immune response. None of these are cures. However, all function better than any vaccines created for covid and are safer. They all decrease contagion rate. Have you read Plague of Corruption by Mikovits?

  5. Hi Richard,
    I hear Dr Bartlet mention Budesonide (inhaled steroid for asthma, which for C-19 he recommended using a nebulizer. I personally avoid drugs; my goal is locating holistic remedies for health and wellness, for my self and my patients.

    In early March, I shared with my patients a the strong supplements that will boost the immune sysytem in relation to C-19; Zinc, vitamin D3 and a few others were on the list for them.
    Zinc is an essential important supplement, it possesses a variety of direct and indirect antiviral properties, which are realized through different mechanisms. Administration of Zn supplement has a potential to enhance antiviral immunity, both innate and humoral, and to restore depleted immune cell function or to improve normal immune cell function, in particular in immunocompromised or elderly patients. Zn may also protect or stabilize the cell membrane which could contribute to blocking of the virus entry into the cell. It was demonstrated that Zn may inhibit viral replication by alteration of the proteolytic processing of replicase polyproteins and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) in rhinoviruses, HCV, and influenza virus, and diminish the RNA-synthesizing activity of nidoviruses.

    I am pleased to have my recent upgrade purchase of the Equitonic. On Monday, I used it on a patient along with the MFR treatment. Normally, he could not sit or stand without pain for more than a few minutes. After the therapy session she entered my office and sat down, an action she never previously did following a session. After 30 minutes, I looked at the clock and turned to her, “You have been seated for 30 minutes, you might need to stand up.” She surprised herself and state, I don’t have any pain.” In a few previous sessions, I had spoken to my patient about the Chi Sound Vitality. Monday she went home and order her own.

  6. I like the way you think!

    I read in article this morning from Dr. Mercola that Quercetin functions similarly to hydroxychloroquine as a transporter of zinc. This is intriguing because Quercetin is available in fresh fruits. What is your opinion on combining the zinc with the appropriate fresh fruits as a treatment for Covid? Or even combining zinc containing foods with these quercetin containing fruits?

    I suppose this won’t happen in hospitals.

  7. Yes Richard, I concur, quercetin is essential with zinc and vitamin C. My home made protein drinks contain them plus green leafy vegetable a little fruit and other vitamins,minerals, some amino acids and high quality super foods free from aluminum (unlike those from the Pacific which usually contains aluminum and other possible heavy metals and radiation from Fukushima Daiiachi nuclear disaster waste, which has spread across the Pacific ocean and air.
    As a Naturopath Doctor, I personally avoid vaccines, and seek all holistic natural sources and remedies plus foods and holistic therapy procedures for healing. Thanks to Sound Vitality.

    Thanks for our conversation. Are you employed with Sound Vitality?

  8. WOW! So you are saying the entire group of people working on COVID solutions in the US plotted against us to say that Hydroxychloroquine was not effective against COVID? If it is so effective, why was Donald Trump hospitalized with COVID and why did he have to be given extreme treatments to stay off a ventilator? Talk about conspiracy theories.

    Oh, by the way, I took Hydroxychloroquine for a short period of time for autoimmune issues. IT harmed my heart and I had to stop it quickly. this is just rubbish.

    1. Yes, there is a conspiracy to repress treatmens. In fact tenth of thousands of physicians around the world are using hydroxychloroquine and invermectin successfully and some have come out and stated it online. Dr. Rainer Fuellmich is working together with about 10,000 physicians and about 1000 attorneys to take the criminals who invented the pandemic and denied people valid treatments to the international court for crimes against humanity.

  9. Hello MDs

    when mentioning zinc, please mention how much is the upper limit. Also, of course zinc can interfere with magnesium and copper. Copper may not be an issue, we are too copperized anyway, but magnesium deficiency is scary. Carl C. Pfeiffer has a lot about mineral supplements. He states that, when he supplemented patients with 40 mg of zinc for months, the patients became low in manganese and experienced all kinds of serious health issues. His patients were a special group, still, people should be warned about excess of one single mineral.

  10. Thanks Elena, for taking the time to contribute and thank you for your wise comments regarding the value of HCQ, the problems of excess zinc, and the worldwide legal movement toward freedom which is currently underway. We at CHI Institute have chosen to focus on a limited scope. We do not focus on biochemical remedies and cures, but rather, through frequency, vibration and an understanding of the substance of human consciousness. We are not simple beings. We are what we eat and we are our vibrational consciousness. You emphasize an important point. Not only are we what we speak, but we are also a product of who we intend to be. If we see ourselves as oppressed victims of crimes against humanity, we will crumple, complain, and obey. On the other hand, if we see ourselves as sovereign beings who have human vehicles to nurture and protect, we have no choice but to stand against all forms of oppression as you have done in your comments today. Free choice is a precious tool with which to Enhance the Human Experience of all of Humanity.

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