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Infratonic 9Infratonic 9 - Pain Relief Where All Else Fails
Pain Relief Where All Else Fails

The Infratonic 9 provides pain relief where all else fails. Experience profound pain relief, unwind, elevate your mood, and increase self-awareness by delivering powerful signals for pain relief, accelerated recovery, increase hyaluronic acid production, and more.

Equitonic 9CHI Equitonic
Accelerated Equine Healing

The Equitonic 9 is a device specially designed for horses/animals, but it can also be used on yourself. It dispenses safe, ultra-low sound wave frequencies that penetrate the deepest layers of the body’s tissues to dissolve cellular trauma and speed up the natural healing process.

CHI Guard AutoCHI Guard Auto
Reduce Free Radicals & Inflammation in the Car

The CHI Guard is a small device that clears and protects you from Oxidative Pollution as you drive. Broadly, this form of contamination leads to pain and inflammation, chronic disease, and impaired physical and mental performance.

CHI Guard HomeAntioxidants & Free Radicals
Reduce Free Radicals & Inflammation in the Home

When plugged into your home or offices wall outlet, the CHI Guard Home connects to the electrical framework within the walls of the house to pull Oxidative Pollution from your homes atmosphere, reducing pain & inflammation and more…

Unlock Emotional Trauma & Dissolve Cellular Trauma

The Nessor is a device that awakens traumatized cells in the body, bringing them into a plasticity state so they can reduce the reactivity of the person. This is for anyone who has ever experienced trauma, stress, or physical or emotional angst.

CHI ShieldCHI Shield
Reduce Free Radicals & Inflammation Around the Clock

The CHI Shield is the central pillar of the CHI Guard family. Worn as a necklace, it continuously draws Oxidative Pollution from the magnetic field in and around the circulatory system of the body.

CHI StoneCHI Stone
Strong Vitality & Energetic Protection

The CHI Stone is a small biotechnology device. When the Stone is switched on it provides better protection from stress, sickness, jet lag, and emotional hazards, by strengthening your electrostatic field.


CHI Institute Product Accessories

AC Charger

Wall charger for the Infratonic 9, Equitonic 9, and Scalene Light.

Battery Pack

Infratonic 9, Equitonic 9, and the Scalene Light Battery Pack.

Positioning Stand

Positioning stand provides hands-free application for all of our therapy devices.

Foundational Truth Cards

The Foundational Truth Cards are affirmations effective at replacing reactive lies.

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