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CHI Palm

Infratonic 11


The CHI Palm (Infratonic 11) is our latest machine that utilizes our Infratonic Chaos Therapy. It provides powerful, unpredictable soundwave signals that aid in pain relief, accelerated recovery, and stress relaxation.

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Warranty: 1 Year

The CHI Palm (Infratonic 11) is here! We have been working for four years to present this to you, our Tribe! Be the first on your block, or even in your state or country to enjoy the new CHI Palm.

What is the CHI Palm?

The CHI Palm is our newest Infratonic technology. Beginning in the mid 1980s, a research  program in China measured the output from the hands of natural healers. Then to determine if the signal could heal the way natural healers do, they replicated it by machine and tested it in Chinese hospitals. The research was highly successful. Since 1987 CHI Institute has dived deeper and deeper into the potentials of this technology. 30 years of research, questions, roadblocks and breakthroughs; our CHI Palm presents the newest technology to the modern world.

The CHI Palm (Infratonic 11) is an FDA-listed therapeutic massager that provides unpredictable sound wave frequencies to reduce pain and inflammation, promote circulation, and relax stress fast.

An Eccentric Inventor's Wildest Fantasy

When we first received the final prototype of the CHI Palm from out factory, it was love at first sight.

The deep midnight teal color, the sculpted shape, and the streamlined control panel scream MAGIC! It fits my hand like a glove. The buttons are responsive and the feel of the Infratonic signals are deep, clean, resonant, and SILENT. It is the most powerful Infratonic engine we have ever produced. I held it to my ear and all I hear is a wavering white noise and a little computer chatter, the chaotic carrier of the Chaos Therapy signal.

Now, the main event: I love the feel on my body! I have applied the CHI Palm in so many ways. It is so smooth and rounded that it fits comfortably everywhere applied. In addition, a remarkable new frictional material keeps it from sliding, either across my skin or on my clothing. The signal is so powerful that I can usually feel it penetrating throughout my body. It made quick work of my residual neck tension, far faster and more powerful than ever before. Did I already say how much I love the way it feels on my body and the way it makes me feel?

I can now say from personal experience that, if you like earlier Infratonics, you will love the CHI Palm- seven times as much.



Where's the research?
Check out our CHI Palm Pamphlet

From Patricia Blaine..

I am a holistic practitioner and have been urging my patients to purchase these for a variety of health benefits including, pain relief, stress reduction, insomnia, trauma of any kind and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Whenever I suspect I have a health issue, I apply the device to the area in question- often times, leaving it on throughout the night. It’s great for arthritis- I have osteoarthritis in my hands and after 20 minutes or less, there is increased mobility and reduced discomfort along with reduction in swelling.

Improvements with the CHI Palm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily replaceable, rechargeable battery.
  • Lithium-Ion power provides 80 to 100 hours of use with single charge.
  • Most effective, dependable, and powerful Infratonic motor/generator.
  • Easily varied intensity for all people and ailments.
  • Externally charged battery option so you can carry a spare
  • Breathgrough rejuvenizing magnetic vortex reverses aging locally.
  • Acupoint sludgebuster removes oxidative pollution from inflamed tissues.
  • Piezoelectric, magnetic, and gravitational crystal integrates consciousness.
  • New electrostatic nano-signals for accessing unconscious reactivity.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How can Chaos Therapy be so effective?

The key to the effectiveness for Chaos Therapy lies in the way it changes the behavior of cells from rebellious production of excess inflammatory chemicals (a scream for help) to cooperative behavior: producing the needed chemicals to accelerate recovery. When the inflammation stops, pain disappears and healing accelerates. It achieves this by infusing the inflamed tissue with soothing but unpredictable signals which break up old dysfunctional behavior patterns.

The NEW CHI Palm carries this much further, bringing other breakthrough Qigong science research into technology and extraordinary new effectiveness.

Can I easily fit The CHI Palm into my already busy life?

Our CHI Palm was designed for ease of use and convenience due to its small, light ergonomic design and straightforward application. Turn it on and hold it against wherever you are experiencing pain. You can also place in a pocket, strap it to an arm or a leg, or use our convenient positioning stand. Use your CHI Palm while you’re sleeping. Put it under your pillow or even under your bed.It even works through a plaster cast and does not affect metal plates, pins, or staples. You can use your CHI Palm for quick 10-minute sessions anywhere, at home, at work, or on an airplane. Or take it with you to Africa, the Amazon, or the kids soccer game. It’s up to you!

How do I use it?

We often say, “Put it where it hurts!” because it quickly reduces inflammation and pain wherever you apply it. Just hold it on the pain for 10 minutes and you will usually experience a significant reduction in pain. Sometimes, where the condition is chronic, you will receive progressive improvement with several treatments. Try 20 minutes twice per day.

Can anyone in the family use this?

We encourage it! The CHI Palm is 100% non-invasive! You can use it on your animals, grandparents and kids!

We have received thousands of reports from happy owners of Infratonics who have found profound relief from a wide spectrum of ailments. They have reported virtually anything related to inflammation, pain, and accelerated recovery, often reporting success where all else has failed. Many have reported substantially reduced overall healthcare costs, particularly when faced with chronic pain and recovery from surgery and injury. We have organized their reports according to aliment.

Click here to see the results others got with similar aliments.

What People Are Saying

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  • Power on the CHI Palm and set it to your desired setting and intensity, then apply it to any area of pain or discomfort for as long as you’d like (back side that says “Put It Where It Hurts” should be facing/touching your body).
  • Can be used directly over metal pins and staples without the risk of heating; also effective through blankets, pillows, casts, etc.
  • Please keep CHI Palm at least six (6) inches away from implanted electronic devices (ex. pacemaker) or any blood clots that are suspected in the calves.


Infratonic Massager


1 Hz to 600 Hz with no discrete frequencies

Battery Life

18650 Li-Ion, 3000 mA
60-70 hours per charge – quick replace battery


Uses a USB to micro-USB cable
Can charge the CHI Palm with the provided charger OR remove the battery and charge it separately


8 hours for full charge
Red Light: Low battery (minimum 8 hours reserve battery life available)
Amber Light: Charging
Green Light: Fully charged


1.5 lbs


8.5 x 4.25 x 2.5 in

How do I use the CHI Palm?

In simple terms: “Put it where it hurts!” There’s even a sticker on the machine itself that says just that. All you must do is place the side of the Palm with that sticker on any part of your body experiencing pain (or point it in that direction if having it against your body is too overwhelming), and the Infratonic therapy treatments will get to work.

Is this safe for anyone in my family to use?

Yes, our CHI Palm is 100% drug-free and non-invasive. You can use it on yourself, your family, and even your pets!

How do you charge the CHI Palm?

The Palm uses any cord with a a USB to micro-USB connection cord, which is and it should be plugged into the port on the right side of the machine. Once you see a solid green light (further charging guidance can be found in the quick start manual), it’s fully charged and ready to go to work!

What kind of battery does the CHI Palm use?

The CHI Palm uses an 18650 lithium-ion battery with a “button top.” It is designed to last for up to 10 years and should provide up to 60 hours of use per single charge.

Can the CHI Palm be taken on a plane?

Yes, but it will likely be required to be carried in your carry-on bag. TSA does not allow extra batteries (like the lithium-ion battery that the Palm uses) to be loaded under the plane, so having it in your carry-on should mitigate that problem.

What happened to the timer function that previous Infratonic machines had?

Through customer feedback, we found that very few customers either utilized the timer function or were aware of how it worked. Many found it to be unnecessary as they preferred the machine to run continuously while in use. For that reason, we have removed that functionality from the CHI Palm and instead, added new features such as the intensity adjustor buttons and battery indicator lights.


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