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Equitonic 9

5.0 (10 reviews)


Our Equitonic 9 is out of stock!

We are no longer producing the Equitonic 9! Our newest Infratonic 11, The CHI Palm, serves as dual purpose for both animals and humans. We have been able to tune each setting to a specific frequency while allowing you the ability to adjust the intensity. To learn more information, please visit: 

Our Equitonic 9 serves as a dual purpose for both you and your animals.


  • Promotes calm and clarity
  • Decreases recovery time from inflammation and post-surgery
  • Increases hyaluronic acid production
  • Enhances sleep quality and relaxation
  • Provides relief from chronic pain and stress
  • Heightens athletic performance
  • 100% Safe for horses and humans
  • USFDA cleared device

Out of stock


The Equitonic 9 comes with a case, informational booklet, preinstalled battery pack; and an AC adapter.

This product is backed by our 30-Day Unconditional Return Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.25 × 2 in

10 reviews for Equitonic 9

  1. Sylvia Herman

    I purchased my E-9 about a month ago. I was actually my own first patient. I put it on my shoulder where I had been having pain for a year, slowly worsening. I put it on for 30 minutes on the ACUTE setting and to my astonishment when I woke up in the morning, it was 90% better. Two more treatments and the pain is gone! (It should be noted that equine device can be used on people, too.) At the ranch I applied the treatment to a horse who had an infected shoe boil. I noticed a considerable increase in drainage right away which is highly desirable. Within a few days and several treatments, the boil drained and healed over. A few days later when I arrived I was told that an old (30 years) horse was down and wouldn’t get up, even when breakfast was delivered. Just then he struggled to his feet but wouldn’t eat. He was listless, head hanging down, eyes dull. I gave him a thirty minute treatment using the “sweeping” technique. Within five minutes I could tell I had his attention. He stood very quietly, didn’t try to walk off, and he began to demonstrate behaviors that suggested he felt better. Horse people will understand this. He began to lick and also to heave a couple of big sighs. Minutes after the treatment he began to eat and 30 minutes later, we let him out of his corral with his best buddy and he actually trotted around as if nothing had been wrong. I have more examples both human and equine. This product ISN’T expensive. It’s priceless. Buy one now, you’ll see.

  2. Bailey Knepper (verified owner)

    I have been using this machine for over a year. Not only do I use it personally but I have created an Equine Therapy company treating horses with this machine. This machine will treat anything from stress, or navicular to wounds and colic.

  3. Tammy Hardy

    I used that machine on my mare three times a day for 20 minutes on a hematoma the size of a tennis ball. In 10 days, it was completely gone. The vets were totally shocked and amazed.

  4. Dorothy Durrant

    I am so happy and pleased with the remarkable results the Equitonic 9 produces, I can’t imagine owning a horse without one! I can’t stop talking about it. I want every horse owner to know that this is available to all of us. It’s so easy to use, nothing to pack and carry, nothing to organize, just pull it out of your pocket and turn it on. The horses love it and I get to see results.

  5. Dianne Volz

    The Equitonic 9 is always in my bag, (as well as beside my bed!). From placing it on the sternum (at the girth) for either pain relief or to ground the horse, to stimulating acupuncture points to relax the whole hind quarters… stimulating the stomach alarm point to increase gut mobility, [to] hanging an Equitonic 9 in a horse’s stall to calm and help settle them, or to help them deal with transition… so many safe and wonderful uses!

  6. Paula C.

    From Horses to soccer field….we love our Equitonic 9!!

  7. Ann Pruitt (verified owner)

    I bought the Equitonic 9 and was so excited when it arrived. The day before it arrived, I had fallen (didn’t see a whole in the grass) and sprained my wrist really badly. The day it arrived I had been in ibuprofen to ease the discomfort. I had every intention of reading through on how to use the Equitonic the next day, which was Sunday and my day off. By Saturday night, the pain in my wrist was SO bad, that I knew I would never be able to sleep– so in desperation, I just turned it on at the ACUTE setting and put it right on my wrist. At one point I felt a little warmth, but honestly I didn’t feel anything on my wrist. No one was more stunned that I was, when, after about 15 minutes, the pain was GONE– totally GONE. I was so relieved and more than a little amazed. That was a few days ago and STILL NO PAIN in my wrist. I can’t wait to use it on my horse’s sore hocks this weekend. Totally love it.
    — Ann Pruitt- Director of

  8. DeLania Lockliear, Myakka City, Florida

    I don’t have neck pain anymore. I’m the kind of person who has tried the majority of alternative healing remedies—homeopathy, PEMF devices, massages, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it, but nothing has really ever worked. I’ve tried other energy type machines but nothing took the burning pain away. My friend asked if she could use the Equitonic 9 on my neck which had been hurting severely for almost a month. I was skeptical but I couldn’t believe it, the thing actually worked. She treated my neck a couple of times and I’m totally pain free now. This device really works for me.

  9. Gabby Watson

    At a high school rodeo, I treated my barrel and pole horse an hour before warming her up to run. I used the general toning path on both sides taking 15 minutes per side on the setting Pre-Race. After running a 14.607 and winning second, I then treated her for an additional 30 minutes on rest to help bring her back down from the run and allowing her to re cope for her next run. I also treated a horse at a barrel race that had back and shoulder issues. The horse after treatment ran a full second faster! Sound wave therapy has made a huge impact on many horses helping them perform at a higher level.

  10. Kate Marcum (verified owner)

    I have recently acquired a horse who has been diagnosed with navicular and PSSM. Blayne we first started with him he could barely walk. We had a farrier specialist out to do some corrective work with his feet, we seen a difference in him but he was still struggling. His diet was changed to best suit a horse with PSSM and still we seen him in pain. A friend of mine had recently bought and equitonic 9 and I asked her to come treat him for me. The day of treatment he seemed as though he had turned into jello. By the next morning I turned him lose in the arena and he was tossing his head(which he had never done before) trotting much more comfortable, and even trying to play(which he also had t really done before) I placed an order for my own machine just the other day and I’m beyond excited to keep him on a routine treatment schedule and see what the outcome is! I also have a horse with EPM and arthritis in his hock, as well as another rescue, and three other healthy horses that I’m sure are going to love the benefits that this machine provides!

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