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Navigating Pelvic Inflammation

From a scientist’s perspective, the problem in the gut can be much broader than PMS. Pelvic Inflammation covers a whole lot of territory:

  • Endometriosis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Adhesions
  • Uterine Cysts
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Scar Tissue
  • Prostate Inflammation
  • Kidney Stones
  • Gall Stones

We can see there are many ways to look at pelvic inflammation. Fortunately, owners of the Infratonic have reported that, in all these cases, pain is usually quickly relieved, and sometimes the problem fades away. However, often the pain returns because of ongoing underlying influences. Whenever the Infratonic and its ability to bring cellular cooperation is not sufficient, it is valuable to expand our search and examine fundamental causes, grains,  judgment, and oxidative pollution, any of which.

What an odd list of fundamental causes! How you may ask, can grains, judgment, and oxidative pollution cause inflammation?? Let’s start one by one.

Grains:  I have noticed that many people I have met get digestive upset and other sometimes debilitating symptoms from eating soy or wheat. I assumed it was just modern agriculture, GMO, and residual pesticides. That is, before I read the book, “Return to the Brain of Eden”, by Wright and Gynn. Here’s a short summary:

This is a scientific book backed up with solid biochemical research. The human brain evolved in the forest over several hundred thousand years, becoming considerably larger and more capable because of phytonutrients in the food. Then about 100,000 years ago, we shifted away from the forest diet of fruit, nuts, and tender greens and came to rely on a more agrarian diet of grains, meat, and cooked food. As a result, the human brain has been shrinking and losing capability.

In this anthropology study, these researchers found skeletal remains of mothers who died in childbirth within the last 100,000 years, but not before. Studying the diets of these women who died researchers found these women had lots of grains in their diet. The authors concluded that, even today, a diet heavy in grains causes extensive inflammation in the gut and painful, dangerous childbirth. Whereas a diet heavy in fruits, nuts, and rooted vegetables does not cause nearly as much gut inflammation. Perhaps this is when PMS symptoms became common as well.  If you suffer from pelvic inflammation, you might try replacing grains with fruit, nuts, and tender vegetables.

Some of you might be saying: “What about processed oils, meats, powdered supplements, mercury, or aspartame??”  “Hey!”, I respond. I’m just trying to keep it simple. I admit that aspartame is such a powerful neurotoxin that it can cause leaky gut syndrome all by itself. However, it all gets so confusing so quickly when we start talking about individual foods and chemicals recently introduced into or diet. I’m just trying to take us back to the basics and provide a simple formula that may help millions find relief.

Judgment:  You might shake your head and smirk at this one, but a second component of “the fall of man”, both historical and scriptural, is when humans learned to stop trusting the Creator and to start judging good from bad for themselves.  Our modern world is largely based on judgment, criticizing in order to improve. This sounds quite practical. But have you noticed the results, when parents and teachers employ this technique with children? Judges, legislators, and policemen use judgment, declaring wrongdoing, to make criminals better. The results are often resentment and rebellious behavior. We have countries punishing other countries and see the punished countries becoming more rebellious. We have the cells of our bodies becoming the whipping boys of incessant criticism and fault finding from parents, teachers, bosses, and our own inner critic. As a result, our cells have largely become rebellious, producing excess inflammation instead of working as a team. Is it any wonder that so many of us so frequently suffer from pelvic inflammatory issues?  This is precisely why the Infratonic is so effective at reducing pain and inflammation. It teaches cellular cooperation wherever it is applied.

Oxidative Pollution: A third foundation of excess pelvic inflammation is the high level of free radicals in the blood from the oxidative pollution in our atmosphere. It comes from car engines and other forms of combustion. Oxidative Pollution makes all forms of pain and inflammation worse because the inflammation of free radicals is elevated throughout body.  The Infratonic will likely provide relief every time you apply it and it may provide the body enough cooperation to achieve a significant degree of healing.  But if your body is overwhelmed with free radicals, they will be expressing themselves with every opportunity. A whiplash will have extreme pain and muscle tension.  A simple cold or flu may be raging with high fever or excess phlegm for days. Arthritis or chronic fatigue may explode. If anything in the pelvis tends toward inflammation, elevated oxidative pollution will cause pelvic symptoms to emerge.  Yes, eating “farm to table” instead of “middle aisles of the supermarket” will help a lot to add antioxidants to your diet, but you may want more.  This is why we are developing environmental products like the CHI Shield and CHI Guards that reduce Oxidative Pollution before it enters your body.

Summary:  Pelvic inflammation has many root causes including dietary irritants like grains, cellular judgment stored in our bodies from childhood or ancestors, or oxidative pollution from our environment. The Infratonic usually provides relief, though eliminating a deeper underlying problem is also valuable in many cases.


What is your advice to those suffering from pelvic inflammation? Engage your Tribe, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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