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Improve Your Human Experience

Enhance Your Human Experience

Cleanse Your Mind And Body

Every day we face an overwhelming number of decisions. Social media notifications bombard us, asking us to interact or not interact. The tiny computers in our hands let us research any topic at any time rather than spend time reflecting.

Because of the abundance of technology, optimizing your health has changed significantly. More people have access to more information to benefit their lives in ways that were not possible even 15 years ago. Mother Earth is truly an incredible place to be right now!

This vast amount of information also makes our time more valuable. We must make more decisions regarding what to focus on and what to ignore. Having this many choices is such a new experience. Navigating these waters are confusing for some, adventuresome for others, and halting for the rest. Many people get stuck in a negative loop because they have not figured out how to make a new choice.

Optimize Your Health With These Detoxifying Tools

We can choose—rather easily—to enhance our human experience and enhance our mind and body. What if you could choose to enhance your immune system? Your muscular structure? Your recovery experience? Your mood? Would you?

Enhancing and optimizing our human experience fills our lives with more adventure, contentment, productivity, and play. It allows us to make better decisions. We learn to listen to ourselves rather than rely on external sources to always tell us what to do. We are better able to tune into our environment and play our part within it with more grace and awareness. We can see clearly, breathe deeply, and feel calmer in what used to be stressful situations when we have enhanced our senses and our bodies.

One of the goal of the CHI Institute is to optimize your health by making decisions easier or eliminating some of those decisions.

Our Infratonic 9 is a great option to reduce the struggles of life. It can ease anxiety and physical pain. Even if it’s simply a good night’s rest, our Infratonic 9 can help! We’ve heard from customers who plugged in the CHI Guard and reported that everyone’s mood became happier as if each person dropped a burden.

  • CHI Guard Home

  • CHI Shield

  • CHI Stone

The Auto and Home CHI Guards are A Great Way To Detoxify And Improve Your Driving And Home Human Experience

The CHI Shield is an excellent choice for those not ready for an Infratonic. It’s also great for those who own one and want something to further their daily human experience. Protection from Oxidative Pollution can help immensely by detoxifying seemingly unrelated ailments. The Infratronic can help with anxiety and over-sensitivity to stressful environments. It can even improve travel experiences. See our CHI Stone as a great accompaniment for any cleansing travel experience to optimize your health.

How CHI Institute Can Help Optimize Your Consciousness And Health

At CHI Institute, many of our customers seek growth or a major life change. Our “core tribe” are those who had a life-altering experience and now seek a better, alternative way of healing. If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you seek growth and self-development. You’re finding your purpose in life. You are no longer happy with the way you’ve always done things. You enjoy learning and gathering new tools to help yourself and others. You often look for and implement tools to better your experience and help others with their experience.

CHI Institute exists because of and for people like you. We provide tools that enable an easier and better journey of self-development and awareness – tools to optimize your health in more ways than one . The CHI Shield, for example, helps those who frequently experience headaches or anxiety. Our findings show that those who identify with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) experience an overload of Oxidative Pollution, which can stress the cells of our bodies. The CHI Shield helps pull the Oxidative Pollution from your body, decreasing symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and more. This relieves your mind and body, and allows you to think more clearly.

The Auto CHI Guard allows commuters and drivers of all kinds to enjoy their rides and recover from them with greater ease.

CHI Institute Products And Tools Are A Great Fit For Those Seeking To Improve Their Mind & Body

Often, we find that those who seek greater awareness also deal with constant, if not chronic, physical pain, which usually ties into deep emotional pain. One of the most popular and effective tools we provide for physical pain is our Infratonic 9. Even for the most sensitive of people, this non-invasive device is highly recommended for the reduction of inflammation—the leading cause of pain throughout our bodies. Growth becomes easier when physical pain is reduced or even no longer a factor.

To learn more about how to optimize your health with more tools and perspectives, sign up here to receive our educational newsletter. Some of our newsletters will contain chapters of Richard’s new ebook: HX (The Human Experience).

Treating Chronic Pain

Most chronic pain and lack of healing stem from inflammation and stored cellular trauma.  Pain is often the driving force in medicine. Without pain, abnormalities are generally overlooked. Pain is what usually gets the patient to the hospital, and the reduction of pain is considered the most important factor in improved quality of life. Chronic pain can be treated effectively by placing the Infratonic 9 over the affected area for at least 20 minutes. Pain often vanishes immediately when the cells of the body are mobilized to start the required repair. However, after many years of chronic suffering, the body might have months or years of rebuilding to do before full relief is felt. While  people have reported remarkable reduction in pain and progressive improvement, everybody is different so results will vary.

To learn more about chronic pain or read reports on different ailments click here.

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