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We are Truly Alive

The principal message of CHI Institute is that our lives are all about BEING ALIVE. This is a very difficult message to convey in a world of abstract theories and memes that largely define us as biochemical factories. To illustrate the problem, the following false theory is presented as truth: The Biochemical Origin of Pain: The origin of all Pain is Inflammation and the Inflammatory Response.”

                                                                                                                 “I AM Because I Thrive”

Yes, as they claim, inflammation is observed in the vast majority of pain syndromes and chronic illnesses, but that doesn’t mean it is “the origin of pain”. Biochemical processes are not the central cause. A fundamental part of our message is derived from Taoist Science, the scientific roots of acupuncture and other vitality-based therapies. From this we find that we are much more than the physiology and biochemistry of our physical bodies, and that our bodies are not destined to have inflammatory pain and do not need pharmaceuticals to relieve that pain. We are alive. Only by understanding what life truly is can we free ourselves from needless suffering.

What are The Root Causes of the Epidemic of Inflammation?

Virtually all human suffering is caused by some form of inflammation. This includes medically defined forms of inflammation but, as you will see, goes much further. Back pain, the primary cause of lost days of work is painful inflammation. Cancer, Diabetes, heart disease, cataracts, and a host of conditions associated with aging are largely caused by free radicals, which are a  also forms of inflammation.

The Pharmaceutical Paradigm

The understanding of inflammation is largely limited by the mainstream pharmaceutical perspective which views people as customers and biochemical factories which need to be regulated by powerful pharmaceuticals. This system of understanding human life excludes consciousness, free will, and the homeostasis of the immune system, which are largely responsible for all healing and well-being. The pharmaceutical paradigm blames malfunctions of our biochemical bodies for all forms of inflammation. From this limited perspective, the only solution is to control malfunction with pharmaceuticals.

CHI Institute's Research Mandate

Our Research Paradigm
Our Research Paradigm

At CHI, while we do talk about the vitalizing and anti-inflammatory value of phytonutrient-rich fresh produce as opposed to processed foods, this topic is adequately covered by other organizations. Our unique research does not focus on nutritional or pharmaceutical interactions, not because they lack value, but rather, because they do not shine light on the importance of our human vital fields on our modern lives. Whereas the mainstream objective is to control the misbehaving cells, our approach is “Enhance Your Human Experience”. The following are the primary causes of inflammation beyond processed foods which repress our human experience:

1. Oxidative Pollution: 

ν1,O-H symmetric stretching 3657 cm−1 (2.734 μm) Absorbed UVC ionizing radiation

ν2, H-O-H bending (6.269 μm) absorbed Infrared radiation

ν3, O-H asymmetric stretching (2.662 μm) absorbed UVC ionizing radiation

2. Rebellious Cells: 

In a revolutionary discovery, researchers at the National Institute of TV and Electroacoustics in Beijing measured the acoustical emissions from the hands of natural healers. This research showed that a simulation of those signals provided highly significant benefits to hospitalized patients and to laboratory test subjects under controlled conditions. Ongoing research at CHI Institute shows that massage therapists and, in fact, all the helping professions, including doctors, emit these same signals to varying degrees when caring for others.

Measuring the acoustical emission from Natural Healers

Much of CHI’s research has been directed at quantifying, fine tuning, and reproducing these healing signals.

We have found that applying these signals to someone with inflammation is very likely to cause the cells of the body not just to stop rebelling against the body but also to come together as a powerful team to reduce inflammation and pain and to accelerate recovery throughout the body. It is often our own fears and judgments which penetrate our cells and cause this phenomenon of rebellious cells. The healing therapeutic signals restore cooperation, eliminate inflammation, and accelerate recovery as the vital resources of the cells are redirected toward teamwork, toward rebuilding health and vitality.

3.  Inflammation and Consciousness: 

The pharmaceutical perspective is that the biochemistry of the physical body is what is real, and that consciousness is nothing more than a side effect of biochemical life. Thus, repression of consciousness (through methods like pain killers and psychoactive drugs) becomes justified as a strategy to reduce suffering. Taoist Science does not make the physical body central to life. Cultivating the three seeds of consciousness within the body is the fundamental Taoist ideal.

Enhancing Your Human Experience

Now, envision your optimal life

At CHI Institute, we would describe an optimal journey through life as Enhancing Your Human Experience by focusing less on consumer products and information overload and more on how to enhance our consciousness, our process of experiencing, appreciating, and enjoying the events of our lives. It is not as easy as reading in a self-help book, “Get out and enjoy life more.” Our emotional and mental health are largely determined by the health and strength of our physical body because the body is what sustains the three vital fields described in Taoist Science. If our fields are weak and incoherent it is difficult to experience and appreciate life fully. Often, depression, anxiety, and emotional/mental overload are experienced. We provide education and tools by which you can enhance your human experience by understanding, strengthening, and vitalizing your fields of consciousness.

A major part of the journey of CHI Institute has been building a framework through which the Taoist understanding of these three fields of consciousness (physical (electrostatic), emotional-analytical (magnetic), and spiritual-mental (gravitational) can be verified and understood from a western perspective and how disruption or inflammation in any of these fields causes suffering. Cultivating consciousness is the key to Enhancing Your Human Experience.

The following is a summary of how we present the Taoist perspective of three distinct vital fields (Jing, Qi, and Shen) supporting our consciousness within the context of western science and how inflammation can be expressed at each level.

  1. The electrostatic, physical field (Jing) provides muscle and bone strength, resilience, will, and immune competence. It is also where unconscious behaviors like anxieties, vigilance, reactive rage, and self-judgments (the inner critic) are stored. Dysfunctional programming at the cellular level may be a primary cause of autoimmune inflammatory conditions. This field of stored reactivities can create a great deal of suffering in our lives. Our research with the Nessor technology and with foundational truths demonstrates that this unconscious behavioral field can be softened, and dysfunctional behaviors can often be replaced with effective behavioral strategies.
  2. The magnetic emotional field (Qi) provides vitality, passion, and action. This magnetic field can easily be spun into a tornado by emotional or mental conflict. All the polarizing arguments and focus on fear and death in the media make it difficult for people to live calm, tranquil lives. Instead of compassionate, community oriented caring, we are easily driven to turbulent interpersonal conflict and rage. Kirlian photography is a particularly valuable tool in quantifying this field. The Infratonic 9 is extremely effective at bringing calm to the emotional storm in minutes as well as bringing calm to the emotional storm of rebellious cells to reduce inflammation.
  3. The gravitational, spiritual-mental field (Shen). Physically this gravitational field surrounding the body supports the endocrine system which helps regulate and maintain the various functions of the body by releasing hormones. It is also where we receive insights or aha-moments to find creative outside-the-box solutions to the problems we face. This field of consciousness is disabled when we become overloaded with repeating thoughts such as with depression, obsession, or mental overload. The modern news media has been overloading this field with intense emotional and polarizing ideas which prevents us from working through complex issues and finding new problems to problems. Oxidative pollution further overloads this form of consciousness within us. Our Scalene Light, which we hope to have back in production by the middle of 2021, uses gravitational technology to clear this higher mental field, allowing us to navigate our mental world more clearly and easily.

Paving the way to a vibrant, productive life is our mission. We offer an understanding of the human vital fields and tools to build and balance our vitality for health, youth, longevity, stability, clarity, and optimism. We seek to Enhance the Human Experience.

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