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Outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: case report


Rapid Response:

Coronavirus may be killed by a higher body temperature


May I postulate this deadly virus has the following characteristics :

1. It is highly infectious because it infects by air-borne.

2. If the body temperature is below 36C, it grows very fast.

3. The destructive immune reaction will take some time (? 7-10 days) to develop. Patients then start to have high fever.

4. During this period, if the body temperature is above 36.5C, and better still, above 37C, the virus is attenuated or killed. Body will develop a milder immune response and recover.

5. Patients with high fever can kill the virus. That is why CDC advocates some patients recovered without anti-viral therapy.

Supports of this hypothesis are :

1. The victims usually stay in a cold environment for a reasonable time after being infected, eg. in ward, hotel, aeroplane cabins, air-conditioned offices.

2. This year, the climate in HK and Canton is extraordinarily cold and persistent.

3. The weather in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia is hot, so their outbreaks are easily controlled. The air-conditioning in HK and Singapore are too cool, so control is difficult. Canada ia again too cold, so the outbreak is serious.

4. Children (especially under age of 8 years) in China are much less affected because they have higher metabolic rate and they are more active (eg. travel a long distance to school and many other physical activities).Children in HK are very sedentary, their homes and schools are air-conditioned. Therefore the infection incidence of children are same as adults in HK.

5. Elderly and people with chronic illness have lower BMR. They have higher incidence rate and mortality.

6. Coronavirus can be found in cats, dogs, pigeons, ducks and geese. They are not infected because all of them have very high BMR.

7. It is well known that herbal medicine can increase the metabolic rate and kill the virus. The herbs prescribed in Canton are commented by WHO to be effective.

8. Passengers from an infected aeroplane cabin have a greater chance to cause an outbreak in a cold place,

9. Pregnant women are much less infected. They have high BMR. Are those 500 contact pregnant women free from infection?

10. More data are required to analyse if active people (eg. outdoor workers, labourers) are less prone to be infected.

Therefore, I would like to suggest a simple test to confirm this
hypothesis : Incubate the virus at different temperature in human tissue media, say below 36C, 36.5C, 37C, and above 37C.

If the hypothesis is correct, then control is straight forward :

1. Put on more clothes to make body really warm,

2. Maintain room temperature at least above 23C,

3. Do exercise for 30 minutes daily, make sure you really sweat.

Let me tell you a legend happened in HK over a hundred years ago. HK was infected by an unknown epidemic. In frustration, people (including the sick) came to the street and watched the “Fire Dragon” dance. As a miracle or due to the intense heat, many sick recovered and the epidemic disappeared.

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  1. As a mechanical engineer I could include only a few of the Doctor criteria. What I discovered is that it is possible to increase the temperature to core temperature, in the nasal chambers and the pharynx by blocking the nose with a piece of tape and breathe through the mouth. With a fever the core temperature will rise to above 37.5 degrees C in the nasopharynx . Should this be sufficient to kill off most cold viruses?
    Alan Robb, PEng. Retired, PhD.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Your “tape the nose shut” solution seems reasonable. Please let us know if it actually works in the field. On another note a Johns Hopkins scientist reported that there has been no increase in death rate this year despite all the covid hype:

    Note that, while we have been led to expect that most of the increased deaths are in the elderly, you can see in the first figure in the article that there has not been a relative increased death rate in the elderly. This article implies that the entire covid “pandemic” was just theoretical. The data was really just created by a reallocation of deaths to the covid category from other causes of death. Thus the creation of a worldwide covid pandemic appears to have been a masterful work of social engineering.

    While your method of taping the nose taped closed is quite simple and novel and a masterful engineering solution, it might be even quicker to conclude that the entire pandemic was a fraud. (I don’t think I’m allowed to say that on the web, but it is Friday night and my censors have gone home for the weekend.)

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