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The CHI Palm

The new and improved Infratonic is almost here! The CHI Palm was created with our Tribe in mind. Through trial and error, sweat, and lots of love, we created the CHI Palm to last longer and provide more powerful stimulation while also maintaining a deep control of different frequencies.
CHI Palm Benefits:
100% Drug Free and Non-Invasive
Pain Relief Where all Else Fails
FDA Listed
Unpredictable Sound Wave Frequencies to Reduce Pain and Inflammation
Unwind and Elevate you Mood
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We only have 200 CHI Palms to Pre-Order for our first shipment! We ask that each person limit themselves to 1 unit as we want as many Tribe members as possible to touch, try, and experience the CHI Palm!

From Byron Davis, our newest staff member..

.. That afternoon after the dental procedure, I went home and laid down on the couch and applied the CHI Palm to the left side of my face on the upper jaw and cheek. It was soothing and felt like a miniature massage to the aching area. That night it was much easier for me to fall asleep and by the next morning, I can honestly say that I had almost ZERO pain. I couldn’t believe it.. I was truly a bit shocked.

I’m a believer in the CHI Palm as it worked for me!

After 30 years of research, questions, roadblocks and breakthroughs; our CHI Palm presents the newest Chaos Therapy technology to the modern world. Providing a slice of Western science with the backing of ancient Chinese tradition.

Pre-Orders begin November 9th!

Put it Where it Hurts!

The CHI Palm (Infratonic 11) uses the same research base as earlier Infratonics, using Chaos Therapy to send highly unpredictable signals within narrow frequency ranges, accelerating the rate at which the body adjusts, cooperates, and rebuilds. The CHI Palm also has deeper signals than ever before, including mostly Delta, Alpha, and Gamma waves- The Delta wave technology is part of our Nessor therapy.

Using a Lithium-Ion battery, the CHI Palm allows 80 to 100 hours of use with one battery charge. The sleek, slim design offers a more comfortable fit with the body, easier use, and ability to adjust the frequency at the precise intensity you want.

The CHI Palm is $695.00 which includes the unit, a quick start guide, charging cable, and battery!

We will begin taking pre-orders on November 9th! They are expected to arrive in early December.

Learn More About the CHI Palm

Limitations for the Pre-Release

Our initial shipment is small so this pre-release is limited to 200 CHI Palms. Our goal is to get the CHI Palm into as many of our Tribe members hands as possible so they can experience it’s magic and provide us feedback. A larger batch of Palms will arrive early 2021. For this initial limited release:

  • No bulk buying is allowed
  • It is not yet a part of our affiliate program
  • Please limit purchases to 1 per person
  • No trade ups apply towards the purchase of these CHI Palms
  • Shipping cost is not included in the purchase price

Chaos Therapy User Reports

It saves money for patients and shortens the number of patient visits.

The Infratonic is very effective on low back pain, even severe low back pain. One post-back surgery patient couldn’t have a second surgery and used the Infratonic as a “last alternative”. His need for further surgery disappeared. Also the Infratonic is used to treat Tendentious, Bursitis, and Sinusitis. Actually, I wouldn’t hesitate using it on anything… As far as I’m concerned, it’s the finest device on the market today. It saves money for patients and shortens the number of patient visits.

Dr. Richard Grayson, Aurora, CA

Healing technology that IS changing the world!

I have used the Infratonic 9 for about ten months off and on. I have difficulty with my neck and spine holding chiropractic adjustments. When this happens, all my muscles get very tight and painful and I can’t work or sleep at night. I have used the Infratonic 9 every day for about twenty minutes since January 2016. I am so relieved that just doing that, plus my chiropractic adjustments and traction, my neck and spine hold much longer in between adjustments and I am pain free and saving money…

Moreah Love

It’s a godsend…

I couldn’t be happier. The pain was severe and felt like tendonitis. Sudden onset, rapid spreading. Now, completely gone. The Infratonic 9 is my go-to aid. It’s a godsend. I take it when we’re headed off for a day trip. I don’t leave home without it! I am a lucky woman to have access to such things – to know about them and to be able to afford them. I am so grateful.

Kathleen Day

He is amazed at my progress giving credit in part to the Infratonic…

The Infratonic has become a very important part of my daily life. The benefits from it are beyond my wildest imagination: From arthritis, headaches, tension, sleep and even waking up better and thinking more alert, it does it all. I’ve never felt so good in years and years. I am under the care of a wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Wayman, who recommended I get the Infratonic, and he is amazed at my progress giving credit in part to the Infratonic.

Valerie M. Williams, Vancouver, WA

I was literally bedridden and almost out of it with severe pain for two weeks…

I was literally bedridden and almost out of it with severe pain for two weeks. I’ve only started to surface in the past two days. The Infratonic machine is a miracle for helping relieve severe pain. I don’t know what I have done without it both during this extremely painful bout of a sciatica-like condition, and previously for months on end with the severe and debilitating pain of Lyme disease.

Karen Hoxeng, Los Altos, CA

Quite significant pain reduction during healing…

Multiple fractures of wrist. Pins inserted; quite painful. 20 minute treatments daily for one week, then 3 times a week for 2 more weeks. 3 weeks after the fractures occurred, orthopedic surgeon couldn’t believe how much the bones had healed. Quite significant pain reduction during healing.

Michael Bourland, DC, Brookings, OR

Research Behind the CHI Palm

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Pre-Release Policy:

All indications point to shipping the Palm out in early December. We are working hard to ensure that each and everyone of you will receive it before the end of the year. We will update you if anything changes. We stand by our products, honoring the 30 day money back guarantee beginning when we ship the unit to you. Each purchaser will receive an emailed invoice upon purchase. A tracking number will be emailed when the unit is being shipped out.

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