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Don't Let Pain Get in Your Way

A Solution for Athletes at Every Level

When Working Out Includes Getting Healthy

Athletes at every level understand that their daily physical activities affect their performance and health. From the nutrients they consume to the supplements they take to the activities in which they take part, they know it all matters. Daily habits and activities can make or break an athlete.

This is why stress, injury, conflict and mood can hinder an athlete’s performance. Stress and injuries can cause inflammation, which can affect an athlete’s fitness and health. Daily routine can positively or negatively affect the performance and recovery for the athlete – the therapy given in a daily routine is everything.

Daily Performance And Recovery Therapy For The Athlete

The CHI Institute’s Infratonic technology can reduce inflammation by increasing hyaluronic acid. We know it works because of studies on elite racing horses. With daily Infratonic-tech therapy, the horses outperformed their counterparts by as much as 1.65 seconds – enough to make the difference between first and last place in many close races.

Athletes must also consider the effects of their environment. Automobile combustion, forest fires, and agricultural burning create dangerous Oxidative Pollution. The amount of pollution is increase and the oxygen available is decreasing. Athletes who reduce this pollution in their lives see better performance and mental health.

The CHI Shield can protect athletes from Oxidative Pollution. The specially designed pendant guards the wearer from Oxidative Pollution’s toxic side effects. On the field or court, gym or pool, indoors or outdoors, the CHI Shield provides protection from Oxidative Pollution. Over time users experience a difference and notice the positive effects of the CHI Shield.

Amazingly fast healing with the CHI Stone!

For strongman competitions, I have to fly overseas quite often and I never get more than a day to recover from all the travel. Having the Chi Stone in my pocket helps me feel relaxed while flying and a lot lighter on my feet after 10+ hours in the air! Case in point, I arrived in Turkey just 1 hour before the start of a competition, but I felt refreshed and ready to go when we started. I even ended up winning that competition!!  – Travis Ortmayer, Professional Strongman Competitor & Strength Coach

Solving Sports Performance Anxiety

Today, athletes face a world of extreme competitiveness. They may become hyperfocused on money and success. To achieve this, they may turn to performance enhancers or cheating. Extreme spectators and fans can add to their stress. The pressure to perform can be overwhelming and affect even a great athlete’s mental health. Now more than ever, it is critical that athletes can think with a clear head. The mental aspect of the game will always affect the physical health and performance of an athlete if not addressed.

Performance And Recovery Therapy For The Athlete

The CHI Institute offers several tools that can help achieve athletes achieve greater mental clarity. For example, the Infratonic 9 enables a more cohesive performance. A sweep before training can create better rapport in an athlete’s cells. A CHI Shield can help pull Oxidative Pollution from the cells. This supports clearer thinking, better physical fitness, and enhanced performance.

CHI Institute products can help athletes have a better physical and mental experience. Our therapy can help solve the challenges for the performance and recovery of the athlete. This can enable them to better decisions on and off the field and continue playing the sport they love.

Get in More Good Workouts

Athletes should take every advantage they can get. However, many athletes don’t properly value recovery. They don’t take quality rest periods. Instead, many athletes amp up their vitamin supplements and nutrient intake and push their bodies. Much of the time, proper therapy for recovery (and performance) are overlooked by the athlete.

Achieve Faster Muscle Recovery Using an Electric Massage Tool

Getting a good night’s sleep can help athletes recover. CHI Institute’s Infratonic 9 is the perfect sleep companion. The device is placed over the chest while lying in bed. In its Deep Calm setting, the Infratonic allows the body to fully relax. While sleeping with the unit, your body can amplify its nightly repair process. This allows for better sleep. You’ll wake up energized and refreshed. With up to 40 hours of battery life, the Infatronic 9 is the perfect sleep companion.

It can also help people who are recovering from injuries, chronic pain, or surgery. Customers have used the device and returned from an injury or surgery in record time!

For athletes who travel to compete, we developed the CHI Stone. This small device sits in your pocket during travel. It creates a protective layer around your body allowing for a better traveling experience and faster recovery.

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