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The Magnetic: Emotional Field
Master Wan helps a student with cultivation of Qi, Shen, and Jing
Master Wan and his assistant treat a participant to increase her ability to work with Qi. Note that three clouds of light above them are of difefrent colors. Afourth cloud, to the extreme left is associated with another group of healers.

Provides vitality, passion, and action. This magnetic field can easily be spun into a tornado by emotional or mental conflict. All the polarizing arguments and focus on fear and death in the media make it difficult for people to live calm, tranquil lives. Instead of compassionate, community oriented caring, we are easily driven to turbulent interpersonal conflict and rage. Kirlian photography is a particularly valuable tool in quantifying this field. The Infratonic 9 is extremely effective at bringing calm to the emotional storm in minutes as well as bringing calm to the emotional storm of rebellious cells to reduce inflammation.

8 Steps to life: eLearning Class

Our eLearning Class brings in the framework of Taoist perspective. These chapters correlate best with the Qi Field

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