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Richards Corner
Welcome to Richard's Corner

We have tried to keep our website clean, organized, and easy to navigate. However, there are those of you who want to dig deeper. This page is my chance to present my philosophy, thought processes, and the foundational assumptions behind the CHI Products on this website. Feel free to browse on any topics you find interesting. This might be better titled “Richard’s Rabbit Patch” with several seemingly-endless rabbit holes.

Now that I have my own page, I plan to add content. While the rest of the website will remain organized, this page may soon look like a rats nest (rather like my brain). Here is the outline. Click on a topic and you will be transported down the page to your area of interest.  Or just scroll.

Dive deep into the world of Richard's writing!

Here are a few articles in which I talk about myself. I’ll add more as we find them or I write them.

A Whole Book About My Life:  For a long version of my entry into the world of vibrational medicine, you might want to dive into my book Opening To Abundance: This book was published in 2013. It is presented in three sections which reflect three distinct segments of my life. We have broken it into these three parts partly because most people are either interested in the first part which is presented in scientific terms, or the second/third parts which are more on consciousness and metaphysical principles. Until we get the separate parts posted here, you can get the whole book on Amazon.

I am passionate about Self Care. I watched the Chinese population largely give up self-reliance and self-cultivation, and become increasingly reliant on doctors and western pharmaceuticals. I saw the same in small tribes in the Amazon rainforest. Effective marketing moves us away from those methods that build health, vitality, and clarity, and toward a system of drugs that offer temporary relief while contributing to chronic illness and degeneration. Self-care is much broader than herbs and exercise. It means cultivating all aspects of our lives including superpowers we never knew we had.

Vitality is a vague term in western culture. As an engineer in a world of acupuncture and qigong demonstrations, I tried to get a grip on an understanding beyond “everything is energy” or “it’s the stuff that fuels life”. I wrote a book many years ago on my early understanding of vitality, studied from the outside as a scientist. You can access it here: Bioelectric VitalityThis book, published in 1997, outlines my findings about vitality from taking almost 30,000 Kirlian photographs. The Kirlian Camera was a very good tool for therapists and caregivers suffering exhaustion and burnout in that it provided instant feedback on effective ways on how to increase vitality and the phenomenon of draining your vitality by touching a client/patient. We hope to bring a simple Kirlian Camera back into production by 2024.

After decades studying Chinese medicine, Qigong, and Taoist science, I see that the only way to understand vitality is from the inside. I wrote a book on enhancing your human experience by enhancing your vitality, then we turned it into an e-training course available here: 8 Steps to Life. This e-learning workshop is designed to be practiced at one chapter per week. It will give you a basic understanding of vitality and consciousness and how you can enhance your life through. While this post shows all 8, I suggest you sign up to receive one lesson per week here.

Unlike me, the Taoists have spent thousands of years studying vitality, and have discerned a wide variety of kinds of vitality. They grouped these into three kinds of human vitality, Jing, the kind of vitality that gives us strength and solidity, it is the electrical stuff of ionic bonds that hold crystals together.  Qi is the magnetic vitality of emotions and the stuff that fuels movement, activity, and motivation. Finally Shen is the stuff of higher mind and spirit. This Shen is not the stuff of the analytical mind. Common thinking is achieved through the brain and nervous system (Jing and Qi). This Shen works more with the higher senses like intuition, clairvoyance, and remote viewing. Jing and Qi are where our assumptions, biases, and theories are stored in our bodies. However, Shen is something very special. It is the stuff that allows our bodies and nervous systems to connect with our higher consciousness, our true being. 

For an understand of the scientific evidence for vitality, (Jing, Qi, and Shen) I encountered in China you might want to explore Scientific Investigations into Chinese Qi-Gong. This publication came out of the 2nd World Academic Society of Medical Qigong Meeting. It summarizes interesting research into medical Qigong and early research into the infrasonic technology.

For more on the importance of Shen, read the last section of this post, Presence vs The Analytical Mind, which shows us how fake news and fake science have distracted us from inviting our true selves into our bodies.

The CHI Palm doesn’t do everything. While the infrasonic technology of the CHI Palm and earlier units is very effective at reducing inflammation, calming emotions, reducing pain, and accelerating recovery, I saw that there was another layer, an unconscious layer of reactive programs behind a great deal of emotional suffering and sometimes outbreaks of physical pain and inflammation. While the primary signal of the CHI Palm is alpha, and it is delivered in an acoustical and magnetic format, I started researching much lower frequency signals delivered in an electrostatic format. The electrostatic fields of the body are the Jing, our most physical field of consciousness. Let’s back up a bit and examine how I got here:

Origin of the NESSOR

For a detailed understanding of the research behind the development of the NESSOR technology, check this out:  The NESSOR Remembering Guide. It is great reading to help you get the most out of the NESSOR function of the CHI Palm.

My latest exploration is into the relationship between analytical thought and the world of soul, higher consciousness, or Shen is a most challenging topic for those who have been educated into the western mindset. The idea that vitality is a real thing is difficult enough, but the idea that all of life resides outside of the theories and assumptions we use to navigate this world is “unthinkable”. In a nutshell, we have a conscious awareness, maybe “the I”, that we can direct toward anything we seek to become aware of. We have been trained to direct this awareness only toward our thoughts. Many suffer from the endless chatter of the hamster wheel of thoughts simply because they have been trained since early childhood to keep their awareness focused on their thoughts. The power of prayer, relaxation, vacation, and meditation (directing our awareness away from our thoughts) have been shown to bring about healing, accelerate recovery, and contribute to tranquility. The flip side of this is that focusing our conscious awareness on our mental chatter causes stress and worry, impedes the healing process, and contributes to chronic illness.

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