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Welcome to Richard’s corner! Here you will find extremely in depth information on CHI Institute, our mission, healing, ideas on the world and more. Read through Richard’s blog and enjoy his depth of articles . Use our “Ask The Inventor” section to submit a question directly to Richard. We’re glad you’re here! Let us know how we can help you on your journey.

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Vitality is best described by a physical, emotional, and mental ability to persevere against unexpected challenges. Finishing a race like a 5k requires vitality, but so does fighting off the flu. Someone who is low on vitality has an immune system that is slow to identify the pathogen and slow to generate the needed antibodies.

For thousands of years traditional Chinese medicine has taught and lived by the theory of “Three Treasures”, a philosophy which states that there are three elements essential to sustaining human life. These elements are Qi (energy), Shen (spirit) and Jing (essence).

When I got my first Qi Simulators (infrasonic therapy units) I noticed that some worked and some didn’t. One of the key ingredients was randomness in the signal. This launched me on many years of research into the different forms of randomness that can enhance effectiveness. The result was the first Chaos Therapy device. Infrasonic Therapy with a high degree of randomness. Why is randomness so important?

The infrasonic technology of the CHI Palm and earlier units is very effective at reducing inflammation, calming emotions, and accelerating recovery. While this works well with most acute physical and emotional pain in the world today, I saw that there was another layer, an unconscious layer of reactive programs behind a great deal of emotional suffering and sometimes outbreaks of physical pain and inflammation. While the primary signal of the CHI Palm is alpha, and it is delivered in an acoustical and magnetic format, I started researching much lower frequency signals delivered in an electrostatic format. But how did I get there?

EMF or ElectroMagnetic Fields can confuse normal biological function by setting up resonances in the body. I have seen that ability of EMF to penetrate the body is largely determined by a person’s vitality and belief system. Oxidative Pollution is very high frequency EMF, not produced by electromagnetic equipment other than fluorescent lights. It is so high that it can break apart molecules in your body causing free radicals and damaging tissues. While lower frequency EMF can create problems, in my research I have found that the principal problem in the vast majority of cases is the ionizing radiation of Oxidative Pollution.

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All of my books and publications are offered here for free. If you are inclined to donate to support my work, feel free. However, it might be easier just to buy some of our products. This (plus an inheritance) is what has supported my work.

Infratonic Therapy Users Guide

This will probably expand your view as to the possible applications for the CHI Palm. It offers both how it works and reports from people who got excellent results for accelerated recovery.

Nessor Therapy Guide – The Nessor Remembering Project

This shows my research in developing the NESSOR. It is great reading to help you get the most out of the NESSOR function of the CHI Palm.

Scientific Investigations into Chinese Qi-Gong

This publication came out of the 2nd World Academic Society of Medical Qigong Meeting. It summarizes interesting research into medical Qigong and early research into the infrasonic technology.
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