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Men’s Health: Understanding the Challenges

A recent question from Julie…

Dear Richard,
My father is in pain. I want to get him something that will improve his health and relieve his suffering. The problem is that he just doesn’t seem to care and has lost confidence in doctors. At the same time, he is really skeptical about anything new that is not prescribed by his doctor. It seems hopeless. What can I do?

Dear Julie,

As a man, I understand the challenge. Women seem to want to take care of everyone and we men tend to think that most everything is just a gimmick. It seems that everything on the market including pharmaceuticals has a marketer behind it who has written up great sounding words and wants us to take a pill for the rest of our lives. We don’t want to be taken advantage of, and don’t want our families to be taken advantage of. We often see people with a medicine cabinet full of pharmaceuticals or nutritional supplements who are “trying to stay healthy” without knowing whether years of pills are doing any good.

The value ofSelf Care is tough to see. It is really tough to get us anything we will appreciate, especially something that has been hyped to solve all our problems. We assume it’s all useless snake oil, even if it’s from a doctor. We assume that our bodies automatically take care of themselves and don’t need any maintenance. It is a real challenge for us men to see the value of Self Care beyond exercise.

Going to the doctor presents the challenge that almost everything is inflammation (something-itis). It seems the doctor usually doesn’t know how to fix it besides repressing the inflammation, which usually requires endless pills and doesn’t solve the real problem. He always seems to want to send us to a specialist for lots of additional tests looking for some “problem” that can be fixed with some surgery or pharmaceuticals. But it often seems like they don’t really have a solution, but just pills to cover up the discomfort. It seems so much simpler and safer to stay out of the medical/insurance system all together if possible.

I’ve studied this problem and have come to the belief that there is value in the father’s perspective. I also appreciate the woman’s desire to reduce her father’s suffering and to improve his overall health. Also, there are occasional problems which the medical system can solve permanently so a visit to the doctor is sometimes valuable and even amazing.

I created Sound Vitality/CHI Institute to bring the importance of human vitality to the attention of the public. The concept of vitality does not exist in the modern medical system so it is greatly needed. We at CHI Institute only study those things which do not have any biochemical ingredients.

CHI Palm

We acknowledge that vitamins and pharmaceuticals can be of value, but we ignore them to focus our reader’s attention on vitality, the invisible energy which the Chinese have studied for thousands of years. It is possible that your father will be fascinated by some of our discoveries.

We learned that the biggest cause of inflammation everywhere in the body is in the air. Oxidative Pollution. We are not talking about carbon particles or nitric oxide, but rather the energy from combustion that is carried by regular air molecules like nitrogen and water vapor and is delivered to the body on contact. We have found that this energy when it gets into your father’s body, creates free radicals which contribute to a whole host of chronic conditions including diabetes, dementia, arteriosclerosis, cataracts and loss of hearing in addition to hip and knee inflammation.

You might get him an Auto SludgeBuster to plug into his car cigarette lighter. He will feel much more rested during long drives. It also reduces annoyance and road rage, which seem to be products of oxidative pollution as well. If he doesn’t drive much, you can get him a Vital Harmony Pendant. It uses the energy field of his heart to collect and step down oxidative pollution wherever he goes.

However, we men often refuse to wear things people think of as jewelry. I have been wearing mine for the last 8 years and all of my lingering pain and inflammation have disappeared. My eyes were farsighted with a little cataract formation and they have improved dramatically. I used to hide my pendant under my shirt so nobody saw it. Now I wear it outside my shirt and get complements on it from maybe 20% of strangers who notice it.

If your father wants more obvious and immediate relief from pain and inflammation, you can get him a CHI Palm. He can apply it to any place that hurts and the pain will usually vanish or diminish within 5 minutes. It is especially effective for chronic pain, sprains, injuries, fractures and post surgical recovery. It applies unpredictable vibration to the body tissue which increases the actual vibration of the local area and causes the cells that have been producing inflammation to start cooperating toward pain relief and accelerated recovery.

This device is based on scientific research of the energy emitted from the hands of healers in China, truly remarkable research. Your father will probably need to try it and experience relief before he will believe it.  If he is like my father who was a strong devotee of doctors and hospitals, he is likely to use it to get relief for a few weeks, then decide that his doctor would not approve and give it back to me.

This is why we have the 30 day unconditional guarantee. If your father gives it back to you, you can just put it in the box and send it back to us for a full refund. There is a good chance he will love it, and he is certain to appreciate its novelty.

Fathers can be tough, especially related to their health. Surprise him with something novel and unexpected and he will appreciate you even if he refuses to open the box.

I hope this is helpful,
Richard Lee

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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