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Self-Care is the Only Pathway to Enhance your Human Experience

President Trump claims his administration is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Is this true? We will not know for decades whether his policies and activities represent us or represent corruption and corporate profits. Just in case he honestly means what he claims, I have delivered this message to him encouraging him to put the well-being of the American People first. Please forgive my praise of his speech. If we want the attention of our leaders, we must encourage them, plus, I really did enjoy that speech and the last half showed the best 4th of July fireworks.

Dear President Trump,

Your inspiring speech at Mt Rushmore will go down in history! Thank you!

A Big Problem that needs your attention: The billionaires are getting rich at the expense of the People of America. Most industrialists take advantage of the American People. I hope to reframe it in one paragraph:

You proposed a solid answer to COVID-19: Hydroxychloroquine and sunlight (Vitamin D). This might have greatly dropped the contagion rate and largely eliminated the COVID-19 pandemic in America. Fake news largely blocked your efforts. However, the word has spread so you have supported a foundation for us to maintain a strong immune system against flu viruses in the future, which will mean sustained productivity of our economy throughout the winter. Meanwhile many industrialists offer expensive and largely useless COVID answers to get richer at the expense of the public. Mercola was the most popular self-care site on the internet until Google virtually eliminated web access to his pages. He wrote an article speaking of these injustices of billionaires getting richer from the pandemic*, in which, you may read here.

Pharmaceuticals and vaccines often damage the human immune system. So does the processed food industry. These highly promoted profit centers also decrease the IQ of the American People while corporations make huge profits selling expensive drugs and empty calories. Intelligent, immune-enhancing self-care like Vitamin D, Hydroxychloroquine, and fresh produce benefit the people but damage corporate profits so, unfortunately, are violently opposed.

SELF-CARE is the only way forward that truly benefits the American People. PLEASE START A SELF-CARE TASK FORCE, and work toward building a better America through making every American healthier, stronger, more able, more optimistic, and more intelligent. Our government needs to be fully Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

Sincere Thanks,
Richard Lee

* Mercola, J. “Who Is Getting Rich Of Coronavirus Pandemic?” Retrieved July 8th, 2020, from

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  1. I applaud you Richard!
    I really hope he reads this and takes your suggestions to heart.
    Right on and well done.
    I agree with everything you said .
    Self care is primary. however this country needs a major overhaul in priorities .
    I teach self care to my clients and as a holistic psychic life coach/medium. my empathic clients pick up on other peoples energies. i sent the link today to a client to get the vital harmony pendant. good work speaking up to mr. Trump
    blessings to you Richard. and many thanks for all you are doing and have done to promote wellness

  2. Thank you, Ruth! Yes, this country is in much need of a major overhaul, but that’s not the job of CHI Institute. We try to limit ourselves to things related to “Enhance Your Human Experience”. I certainly approve of “psychic life coach”! My hope is that our offerings open the door for more and more people to awaken their innate gifts, and to be of greater service to their families and communities. Richard

  3. Thanks Richard for your contribuition towards a better world environment for all. Thanks for your amazing discoveries, and a willingness to lead this self care movement to a higher level. Many blessings to you and CHI Institute in its forward approach to give guidance in this stellar moment in time.

  4. Thank you Virginia for your kind and uplifting comments. You add courage to our resolve.
    What makes this a “stellar moment in Time”? So many see conflict and divisiveness and even despair. What is behind your optimism?

  5. So true, Nancy! We are guided toward technology. It is hard to find time for anything else. And yet, nature is alive but most technology offers us only fear, anger, vigilance, and most often mental business. It is such a challenge to relax into nature.

  6. I am a student and teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong and have occasionally mentioned to my students your work in Beijing on emitting Qi.
    I am puzzled by your referring to Hydroxy as a “solid answer to COVID-19.” Several studies have shown no significant benefit and possible health risks. The study published by the Henry Ford Health System that reports benefit also states that it should not be used outside of hospital settings and requires further confirmation. We know that one person died after attempting to self treat and many calls were made to government groups about ingesting disinfectants because of statements made by the President. He should be more careful in his statements.
    I believe millions of people have been spared polio, diptheria, and other serious illnesses through vaccination. I endorse self-care, but do not think it is the “only way forward.”

  7. Hi Lawrence,

    You have brought up many important topics worth consideration. Thank you for taking time to discuss this.

    For Hydroxy, I honestly don’t consider it to be a solid answer. It appears we have a new flu virus which might or might not be decimating the population. I see the strength of our own immune system as the primary determinant of life or death. Vaccines, Hydroxy, Vitamin D, and Chinese herbs can all boost our immune system, but the bottom line is self-care, making the choices to build our own immune systems. As a teacher of Qigong I suspect you understand this far more than most.

    There was so much confusion around Hydroxy that I did my own research, which you can see at This led me to the conclusion that it might be a solid answer. Yet as we know, science and our understanding of what is going on seem to change daily; thus I am certainly willing to change my views on it as well.

    I also did some research on the concept that “Trump said to drink bleach”. It seemed outrageous so I listened to his actual speech. I heard, firsthand, what he really said, which was far different from what you seem to believe he said. I did my own research.

    Now the most important point: Is self-care the only way forward? OK. It is a bit extreme. From the standpoint of CHI Institute, self-reliance builds confidence and self-responsibility. Whenever we turn any part of our lives over to experts, we risk the likelihood that we will become victims. Self-care in a hospital means understanding everything about a procedure before agreeing, and being willing to say “no” to the doctor if needed, or being sure we have an advocate who will act on our behalf if we are not of clear mind. We need to understand that most every business around us is profit oriented. Blind trust is not a healthy strategy. It is from this perspective that I say, “self-care is the only way forward”.

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