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The Gravitational: Spiritual-Mental Field

Physically this gravitational field surrounding the body supports the endocrine system which helps regulate and maintain the various functions of the body by releasing hormones. It is also where we receive insights or aha-moments to find creative outside-the-box solutions to the problems we face. This field of consciousness is disabled when we become overloaded with repeating thoughts such as with depression, obsession, or mental overload. The modern news media has been overloading this field with intense emotional and polarizing ideas which prevents us from working through complex issues and finding new problems to problems. Oxidative pollution further overloads this form of consciousness within us. Our Scalene Light, which we hope to have back in production by the middle of 2021, uses gravitational technology to clear this higher mental field, allowing us to navigate our mental world more clearly and easily.

8 Steps to Life: eLearning Class

Our eLearning Class brings in the framework of Taoist perspective. These chapters correlate best with the Shen Field

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