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Sweeping Method

Sweeping Method: When beginning your session, remember to sweep your body. This allows all the energy within your body to flow in one direction and out your feet.Start with the Balance setting, sweep from a foot above to a foot below the injury with occasional whole body sweeps. See how close you can get with little or no discomfort!

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  1. I now understand that this device replaces the infratonic 9.

    Is it always a good idea to increase hyaluronic acid in the body???
    I’ve read hyaluronic acid can be carcinogenic??? I have no citations for that claim.

    Is it accurate to say that this device can open up lymph channels and move and breakup blocked lymph. I worked with a practitioner who used the infratonic 9 just for that purpose. That’s really a main reason I’d like to purchase one.

    Please let me know on my above question regarding lymph.

    Please advise.
    Thanks so much,
    Linda Seidman

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