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A friend lent me his CHI Palm when I had a labrum tear that wouldn’t resolve. Initially couldn’t raise my arm above my elbow. My ortho kept pushing a surgery but I insisted on physical therapy but it just wasn’t working. I could still not put my arm above my shoulder. After 4 days with my friends CHI Palm I could sense something different and was able to sleep on that side again. My buddy demanded his Palm back so I immediately purchased one. After two weeks I am near 90% improved. I was able to surf! Taking it slow but super impressed. You gave me my JOY back! Thanks YOU ALL!

I would say the products are helping me because, well, in my profession, strongman, daily body beatdowns basically, I create a lot of inflammation, a lot of soreness, a lot of damage to the tissue, which is part of the process of rebuilding and making you stronger. I’ve used the Infratonic and the VitalRest mostly to promote blood flow, relief from soreness. I feel it increases my recovery ability, the speed at which my cells heal so that from one workout to the next, I’m recovered, refreshed, and can put in a full force effort to get the most out of that next workout.

For strongman competitions, I have to fly overseas quite often and I never get more than a day to recover from all the travel. Having the Chi Stone in my pocket helps me feel relaxed while flying and a lot lighter on my feet after 10+ hours in the air! Case in point, I arrived in Turkey just 1 hour before the start of a competition, but I felt refreshed and ready to go when we started. I even ended up winning that competition!!!

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