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12 Hours of Healing with the CHI Palm

A horse stepped on my foot!!! First photo is immediately after the horse stepped on my foot. The second is an hour later after having the CHI Palm on acute for an hour. I slept with the CHI Palm all night on Deep Calm. The third photo is about 12 hours later (the next morning). By using the CHI Palm, the end result was wrinkled skin, no swelling, and very little bruising. FYI. This is not normal in the world of skinny, boney feet like mine. Gotta love success stories.

As a massage therapist I worked all day standing on my feet and I realize this would not have happened had it not been for the CHI Palm.

I will add that I feel I saved about $800 avoiding X-rays and a visit to the doctor.
Day 1

Immediately after the horse stepped on my foot.

Hour Later

1 hour later with the CHI Palm.

Hour Later

About 12 hours later.

Sally Wright – Murfreesboro, TN

I had a 65-year-old female patient with right hip replacement. Lots of anxiety regarding surgery and healing process. Began treatment with QGM 6 hours after surgery (Mind) for 20 minutes. Too painful to touch surgical area so rested the transducer about 5” away. Patient gave herself treatment for the next 3 weeks at surgery site, multiple times per day. She did not have to take painkillers. She was released from the hospital a day early. She healed so quickly that she didn’t need to complete the usual series of physical therapy treatments. She was so thrilled with such speedy recovery, that she had the courage to have her left hip replaced 6 months later. She did not have access to the QGM this time and she experienced more post-operative pain, longer recovery time and still has some residual pain 8 months later. She would like to procure her own QGM now. What a difference!

Three years ago, I had a torn rotator cuff in the left shoulder and had surgery on it, which was painful and took forever to heal. One year later, the right rotator cuff tore! I remembered the horrible ordeal and this time was more prepared. I was introduced to a lady that knew about your CHI Palm Infratonic machine and offered to lend me hers for my impending ordeal. Let me tell you!!! I immediately began using the Infratonic, placing it on the site, sleeping with it on the spot, moving it around the shoulder area and the repaired bicep muscle, even moving it around on the back of the shoulder where the tense muscles were affected. Within a week, I was moving around with little pain and within two weeks, I was pain free. The doctor could not believe my progress! My left shoulder took one year to heal and my right shoulder took only weeks! Maybe I could be an advertisement for you!

I have used the Infratonic for about ten months, off and on. I have difficulty with my neck and spine holding chiropractic adjustments. When this happens, all my muscles get very tight and painful and I can’t work or sleep at night. I have used the Infratonic  every day for about twenty minutes since January 2016. I am so relieved that just doing that, plus my chiropractic adjustments and traction, my neck and spine hold much longer in between adjustments and I am pain-free and saving money! I also noticed that while using the Infratonic 9 on my neck, first on the Acute and then the Balance setting, I am releasing old stuck patterns much easier and faster. I am very conscious of what the issue is. I start deep breathing and put the Infratonic on Deep Calm and it washes away the emotional tension created by those patterns within five minutes and the healing is long lasting! I feel lighter, happier, more self-confident and empowered, wiser, and much more self-aware in my life. Thank you, Richard, for being the conduit to create this new healing technology that IS changing the world!!!

I started using the Infratonic. And after two weeks of use I now have greatly improved feeling and circulation in my feet for the first time in years. I would definitely recommend the Infratonic to everyone. While I don’t pretend to understand how it works I can absolutely say that it does! Thank you for developing such a great product

I have been using the Infratonic since October 2014 for various ailments (i.e. muscle aches, better quality of sleep, relaxation sessions, etc.), and have been very satisfied with the performance of the device. I was finally pain-free and very grateful for the Infratonic which helped me recover quickly and safely. I recommend this device to anyone seeking pain, inflammation, stress, or anxiety relief in a very natural and effective way without dangerous side effects.


For strongman competitions, I have to fly overseas quite often and I never get more than a day to recover from all the travel. Having the Chi Stone in my pocket helps me feel relaxed while flying and a lot lighter on my feet after 10+ hours in the air! Case in point, I arrived in Turkey just 1 hour before the start of a competition, but I felt refreshed and ready to go when we started. I even ended up winning that competition!!!

Travis Ortmayer Strong Man
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