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Thanksgiving Harmony

Now that you have your CHI Stone and it has protected you during your travels, you have arrived at your destination. How else can you use your CHI Stone?

The great joy of family together is often punctuated by conflicts, particularly around the dinner table.  This is especially true this year, as blue state people come together with their red state counterparts. If you love fiery discussions, you can enjoy the feast. However, if you find yourself filled with anxious feelings or seething rage, try this:  Switch on your CHI Stone and put it in your pocket. Then allow your vital field to be filled and your sympathetic nervous system calmed. Within minutes, you will find a sense of peace come over you. You may still take sides, but you will feel more in control of your thoughts and words.

If you’re like me and you can’t resist making little comments that expose the unconscious bias of others, I certainly understand your motivation. However, please have compassion for those who have low tolerance for fireworks or are already exhausted from their travels. You can have them hold the CHI Stone. Within a minute or two, you will notice them relaxing and becoming more vitalized, less rigid, and more resilient.

If you have the extraordinary experience of a peaceful Thanksgiving, there are other CHI Stone activation options:  For instance, if anyone is suffering from low grade inflammation, whether a cough, an aching knee, or an allergy to cat fur, have them wear it all night and check back with them in the morning. Odds are, they will report much improvement.

If you’re heading out on a Christmas shopping expedition and anyone in your party is sensitive to Walmart, shopping malls, or big box stores put the CHI Stone in their pocket and check back with them after 5 minutes. You will find relief. This also works for those who have been afraid of flying or who are anxious fliers.

Please know that your CHI Stone is so versatile that it is a waste to leave it in your carry-on bag between travels. It’s price is so low and it’s benefits are so huge….but only if you get it out and put it to work.

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