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The Coronavirus Doesn’t Justify Panic

Does the panic surrounding the Coronavirus make sense? Even though many thousands of people entered the US from Wuhan since the start of the coronavirus scare, less than 20 were identified to have the Coronavirus. There were no “outbreaks” in the US.  In fact, though the virus is now spread throughout the world, there were no significant outbreaks and almost no deaths anywhere in the world outside of China. The only significant outbreak was on a cruise ship, which, it might be argued, crowds people together like a restaurant in a giant seafood market.

In January I returned from China so I may have been exposed to the Coronavirus or 100 other forms of flu while on the ground or on the flight home (which crowds people together like a pig farm. A few days later, I did get the flu.  I experienced some lung congestion, but the Infratonic held those symptoms in check effectively.  I probably did a little coughing and nose blowing in public. Did I catch the Coronavirus and expose it to lots of people? I don’t know. It wasn’t even identified until a few days later.

It appears that, at least outside of Wuhan, China and away from the confines of a cruise ship, it is not an easily transmitted disease. Or else it is not a particularly dangerous version of the flu. Even in China outside of Wuhan from where thousands of people travel every day to other provinces of China, we didn’t see any significant clusters. Beyond the borders of Wuhan’s province, about 10,000 people were confirmed as having Coronavirus scattered across China with between a few hundred and 1000 cases in each province, but we saw no epidemic develop anywhere but in Wuhan.  Notably, it appears that now, people are being declared “recovered” faster than they are declared “Confirmed” which means that the actual number of people in the world identified with the active Coronavirus is declining.

On 2/12/2020 a huge jump was reported in the number of new “confirmed” cases. This was when health officials chose to diagnose and admit to the hospital based on the presence of pneumonia rather than wait for results of expensive blood tests to identify coronavirus. Treating pneumonia instead of treating a specific virus proved effective.

Why did we see a 2.5% death rate in Hubei province where Wuhan is located but only a 0.3% death rate in the rest of China and the world? What caused this factor of 10 decrease in death rate? The Coronavirus behaved like a normal flu in the rest of the world but proved to be a disaster in Wuhan. Here are a few possible scenarios to explain this discrepancy.

  1. Massive panic weakens people’s immune systems making people far less resistant to the flu. There was panic in Wuhan. There were food and hospital shortages. Could that cause a flu to be ten times as deadly? (there was sensational, fear-based news in the US, but it didn’t cause panic.)
  2. When people with the worst pneumonia symptoms heard that “the Coronavirus is a killer”, they flooded to the hospitals. If a few in the waiting room had contagious Coronavirus, many more probably caught it while waiting in the hallways for diagnosis. Did the hospital waiting rooms infect a lot of pneumonia patients with the Coronavirus after entering the hospitals? We saw videos of health officials spraying down the walls and floors of hospitals in Wuhan with disinfectant similar to the way they spray down factory pig farms.
  3. Often the aerosols from coughing and sneezing carry both the virus and pneumonia bacteria. Perhaps, the Coronavirus was originally spread by people with a bad bacterial pneumonia making the combination far more contagious and dangerous.  Then by the time the Coronavirus got out of Wuhan, carried by people who were healthy enough to travel, the virus became separated from the bacterial pneumonia and became a much less harmful and not very contagious flu virus as observed in the worldwide data.
  4. Past coronavirus epidemics in Brazil and China have emerged around massive factory pig farms where workers spend hours per day in close proximity to pigs and occasionally a coronavirus spreads through the pig population and many pigs need to be killed to save the herd. There is a huge pig farm just outside of Wuhan. Did workers and pigs pass flu and bacteria back and forth, creating a highly contagious combination in crowded environments?

We may never know why people in Wuhan showed 10x greater mortality than in the rest of the world and why the virus by itself doesn’t seem particularly contagious.  It appears that the “Pandemic” of Coronavirus is not what it appears to be, and certainly doesn’t merit panic.

Some might claim that “the ends justify the means”, that panic makes people more vigilant about such precautions as washing their hands and covering their sneezes. However, not only does unnecessary panic depress the immune system making infection more likely, it also decreases our quality of life, which is arguably the most valuable treasure we have. Why don’t we just live our lives, stay calm, and take known precautions against the flu? (Including keeping a better eye on factory pig farms.) There may be other outbreaks of Coronavirus in other parts of the world. We now see from the Coronavirus data that it has already been spread around the world. However the identified number of people infected by this active disease is now decreasing. This shows us that remaining calm and taking sanitary precautions is very likely to bring outbreaks like this under control as is happening in China. So why does the media continue to tell us we should panic when the data doesn’t support that conclusion?

The Coronavirus may eventually be shown to be more than just another flu. However, the present facts don’t justify panic.



What’s your key to keeping rational during our coronavirus epidemic? Engage your Tribe, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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  1. Read the excellent reporting of Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD. One of the things he reports about is previous vaccination for SARS, which is a Coronavirus may have made people in China more susceptible to the current mutated form of Coronavirus. This is similar to studies done by Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control study showed that repeated Flu shots made people more susceptible to the Flu in the future.

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