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The Song Of The Canary

The Song of a Canary

Hundreds of millions globally suffer from a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS. They are convinced that certain man-made electromagnetic frequencies, especially the kind emitted from cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, and computers are detrimental to human health and cause them to personally suffer negative health effects. Some get brain fog or fatigue or a mild feeling of depression. Others who are more sensitive get migraines, heart palpitations, or burning sensations.

Sound Vitality researchers have identified two major problems within EHS that apply to us all, and approaches which have not only helped EHS sufferers reduce their struggle but also enhanced the human experience for everyone. In order to fully grasp the larger implications of this topic, though, one must first understand how seriously it affects some people.

Take Anne and Bernadette, for instance. They live in a cave in the French Alps to avoid exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF’s. They are an extreme example of a phenomenon that affects a staggering 2-3% of the world population in varying degrees of intensity, according to the World Health Organization. [1] These women feel utterly zapped by the modern world and that they have no choice but to avoid “EMF pollution” completely. One cannot help but feel great sympathy for them, and curiousness as to what might cause this.

It’s a puzzle we at Sound Vitality have been trying to solve for many years. Richard Lee, our chief inventor and researcher, has been studying it from a scientific perspective ever since he was first introduced to the concept in 1993. I myself have been studying it since 2010, when I first noticed that I felt negative physical symptoms around certain wireless electronic equipment.

It was, in fact, a problem that plagued me when I first started working at Sound Vitality (currently CHI Institute) two years ago. I was tormented by the idea that the Wi-Fi router near my desk would damage my health and prevent me from functioning at my fullest capacity. I, like millions of others, rejected the mainstream scientific consensus which states that the non-ionizing radiation emitted from electronic devices are incapable of causing direct biological damage to human cells. I had listened to too many “alternative health gurus” who stated the opposite was true.

Richard took me under his wing and explained to me everything he’d learned regarding this topic. He took me down the “EHS rabbit hole,” so to speak. Lo and behold, my sensitivity began to disappear within a matter of weeks. To this day, I’m not sure what I would have done had I never encountered this perspective. Chances are I would still be living in fear, greatly diminishing the quality of my life.

And so it is that we present to you this “EHS manifesto.” We believe this issue has wide-ranging implications and deserves much more than the occasional “freak feature” on the National Geographic Channel. We have found these EHS sufferers are critically important people who illustrate two major problems that affect everyone on the planet, whether they are energetically sensitive or not.

Here’s where the riddle kicks in: we agree with the World Health Organization that electromagnetic frequencies from wireless equipment such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and smart meters are not the cause of this epidemic. Time and time again in controlled scientific studies, EHS sufferers are unable to identify symptoms in correlation to exposure to the EMF’s they fear.

One particularly insightful double-blind study was conducted where scientists showed volunteers a fear-based BBC Panorama TV program regarding the supposed dangers of Wi-Fi. Volunteers in one group watched the fearful program. Those in a separate control group did not watch the program. A Wi-Fi router was placed near the volunteers. Those who had watched the program showed clear negative biological changes such as anxiety, headaches, and physical pain. Those who had not watched the program showed no change. [2]

Based on this and the other overwhelming data we have seen, the notion that EMF’s cause this epidemic is false. It is therefore easy to label EHS “simply a psychosomatic condition,” as many researchers have done. But the World Health Organization admits it does not know the true cause.

Anne and Bernadette are just two among hundreds of millions of people who wake up to this issue every day. Are we really to view their testimony as entirely flawed, simply a product of psychosomatic hysteria? Or is there some scientific truth in their suffering? Is something else occurring that may fundamentally challenge our way of living? Is it possible these cave-dwelling sensitives are warning us of a legitimate unseen threat we would do well to acknowledge?

Our research has revealed that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is caused by the combination of two pervasive but invisible problems which cause struggle in most everyone in this world. They are arguably two of the biggest health challenges we face, and we find that the EHS sufferer acts as the perfect indicator of their presence.

We refer to these sensitive people as “canaries,” short for “canaries in the coal mine,” an allusion to the caged canaries that miners used to carry down into the mine tunnels with them to detect the presence of dangerous gases, thus providing a useful warning to miners should they need to exit the tunnels immediately.

Despite the relative inaccuracy of their perception in controlled studies, we believe the EHS canary’s sensitivity nevertheless serves as a useful early indicator of trouble ahead. Their illness grants us special awareness of two major problems most of us are ignorant of but that, sooner or later, will severely affect the entire population if adequate steps aren’t taken.

So, go ahead. Sing to us, little birds. Tell us of the trouble ahead. What are the problems that we face?

Problem #1: Oxidative Pollution

It is not EMF pollution but, rather, oxidative pollution that threatens us.

Our research shows that EHS can be traced to combustion from agricultural burning, cars, fluorescent lights, furnaces, etc., which fills the air with oxidative potentials that cause increased free radical damage in the body and contribute to chronic illness, endangering us all.

The two main causes appear to be worldwide agricultural burning, as practiced by 800 million farmers, and roadways in cities congested with internal combustion automobiles. The combustion of hydrocarbons from these sources produces ionizing radiation that immediately gets absorbed by atmospheric molecules such as nitrogen and oxygen. These molecules are then absorbed by the human body, transferring this high-energy, oxidative potential into our tissues, which then ionizes cells and causes free radical damage throughout our bodies.

Increased free radical levels lead to decreased health over time, which helps explain why chronic disease has reached epidemic levels worldwide. Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems, with over a third having more than five ailments. [3] It appears that although most people are unable to feel this destructive energy, all suffer its devastating effects.

In his travels to Peru and Ecuador, Richard observed that people who live away from the cities get a quarter as much diabetes and heart disease. But it’s not the electromagnetic frequencies being emitted from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, and other wireless technologies that are the problem. It’s largely the oxidative pollution from cars and factories that collects in home wiring, as well as in the metal frames of our cars.

This is the dangerous energy that EHS sufferers sense, part of the answer to the World Health Organization’s mystery as to the true cause of EHS. They are alerting us to a problem of the highest magnitude, one that is taking place right in front of our eyes, but that takes a special pair of glasses to see. It explains so much unnecessary inflammation, chronic disease, and hindered physical and mental performance that takes place in our world and that our medical system is helpless to resolve.

Solution: Reduce the Oxidative Pollution

To absorb this oxidative pollution and protect us from these chronic illnesses, we have developed several products to absorb and step down this oxidative potential. The first is the Vital Harmony Pendant (now called the CHI Shield). It uses the magnetic field of your heart to absorb the oxidative potential, transferring it to this special alloy, which steps down its frequency and makes it harmless to the body.

Our second approach to mitigating oxidative pollution is in the home and the car in the form of the Home and Auto Sludge Busters (now called CHI Guards). We’ve incorporated the same technology in two devices you can plug into your electrical outlet and your car cigarette lighter. It absorbs the oxidative potentials from the electrical wiring in your home, and from the metal body of your vehicle.

We have discovered that the effects of EHS and the benefit of Sludge Buster technology can be quantified through a simple urine test that measures the free radical end product concentration in the body. A double-blind, sham-controlled study showed substantial reduction (16.7%) in urine free radical end products for those who wore our Vital Harmony Pendant, when compared to a visually identical sham device (1.25%).

Oxidative pollution is an important piece of the EHS puzzle. The Sludge Buster technology can be enormously valuable to EHS suffers. But it doesn’t address the foundational problem they are experiencing. If I had only used the Sludge Buster technology, I would not have recovered from EHS. This leads us to the second song, if you will, another invisible problem EHS illustrates that most of us suffer from, to one degree or another, without consciously realizing it.

Problem #2: Reactive Lies

We have found that there is a psychosomatic component to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. EHS sufferers are stuck in a mental loop of reactive lies that compels them to find danger in their environments. They are primed to look for the “bad guy,” convinced there is a problem “out there” when the reality is that the biggest problem is taking place “in here,” inside themselves.

They began believing these falsehoods as a response to traumas that occurred earlier in their lives. These traumas conditioned their nervous systems to enter hyperalert mode, even when there is no real threat present. When the limbic portion of the brain feels threatened, it will perpetuate truly sophisticated patterns of self-sabotage, behaviors such as chronic anxiety, shame, unworthiness, and victimhood.

As Richard wrote in his book Opening to Abundance: Clearing Limitations to Grow in Joy, Love, and Bliss, “Psychosomatic illness, and really all chronic illness partially stems from choosing to be a victim of our lives and our environment, which fills us daily with the vibration and expectation of disease and suffering.”

Are EHS sufferers really expecting disease and suffering, whether consciously or unconsciously? Speaking from experience, I believe so. Most of it takes place on an unconscious level. The mind is incredibly powerful in its ability to deceive us into believing falsehoods. This is something we all suffer from, even those of us who don’t have EHS. A sense of victimhood causes struggle in the lives of almost everyone.

But in their hypervigilance, these EHS sufferers have a special ability to feel the agitating energy that builds up in home wiring. They can actually fill themselves with oxidative potentials collected from a polluted environment, and this is what causes them to feel acutely ill. Most mistake this “zapped” feeling for damage from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and smart meters, though such devices are simply acting as conductors for this insidious oxidative pollution I have been describing.

That begs the question of how exactly they do this. How are EHS sufferers able to draw these oxidative potentials to themselves through self-sabotage? Well, it comes down to a kind of “superpower” they have. You might call these special souls self-sabotaging superheroes. Hang out with me while I get a bit conceptual here. This is where we really get into the “EHS rabbit hole.”

It’s people who are more “energetically aware,” you might say, who tend to get EHS. It has become clear to us that EHS sufferers have a type of “psychic radar” that allows them to sense these dangerous energies that collect in home wiring.

We believe most of them developed this ability as children in unstable homes, or else in other chaotic environments in which they struggled to keep themselves safe—whether physically or emotionally. We might say they developed their intuitive skills into a sort of “sixth sense” for danger, which allowed them to tell when someone was about to blow up, for instance, because of changes the child could feel in an adult’s energy field.

Synchronization of cardiac and brain waves between two people have often been measured in research laboratories. Let’s use the example of a child with constantly angry parents. By synchronizing with a parent’s electromagnetic biofield using their own biofield, this child can learn to sense and monitor a parent’s emotional state.

Many discovered that if they could use their synchronization with a parent’s biofield to drain the electrical overload from their parent’s brain, they could bring peace to the home. This sixth sense also allows them to tune into an electrical wiring system and identify a similar turbulent electromagnetic energy in wires or electronic equipment and to attempt to make the home “safe” by drawing it out and absorbing it.

When they stop drawing this oxidative pollution into themselves, the “zapped” feeling begins to disappear. So, how does one do that?

Solution: Replace Reactive Lies with Foundational Truths

The solution for EHS sufferers comes from learning to choose not to focus on the disruptive energy that can be accessed through electrical equipment. These unconscious, reactive patterns can only be overridden through methods that form new neural pathways. A limiting belief can be replaced by a more empowering belief, but it must be done at the level of the unconscious, and there are few ways to gain access to the unconscious that do not involve years of talk therapy or mindfulness practices.

The good news is that we can access it with the help of targeted electromechanical equipment. The NESSOR is one such device. It allows people to displace the traumatic programming they have accumulated through years of cultural conditioning, replacing it with life-giving beliefs and behaviors.

Through a patented process of stochastic resonance involving unpredictable delta-range sound waves delivered through the Kidney-1 acupuncture meridian, the NESSOR helps us convert our unconscious reactivity into new habits and beliefs that support forward momentum in our lives. It infuses strong delta rhythm activity into every cell of the body, inducing a plasticity state in the sympathetic nervous system that allows us to “rewrite the script” playing in our subconscious that is so often at the root of our self-sabotaging behaviors.

We find that the NESSOR is extremely valuable to help people replace reactive lies with foundational truths, which allows EHS sufferers to stop suffering and see their situation more objectively. It allows them to release their foundational problem of feeling like a victim from whatever traumatic childhood or other experiences they had. Being the victim of oxidative pollution stems from experiencing trauma in one shape or another.

As Richard writes in his NESSOR Remembering Guide, “Nessor Remembering softens this trauma at the cellular level, and systematically builds a solid foundation of life-affirming behavior, displacing the traumatic programming with what we call ‘Foundational Truths’—life-affirming, cooperative behaviors which our cells can remember from millions of years ago, long before they were a part of human bodies.”

It all sounds a little far-fetched until you experience it yourself. Replacing the unconscious reaction of “I am the victim” has proven of tremendous value in people who have suffered from EHS. I know because I am one of them.

Before the NESSOR, I had EHS to the point where certain buildings would make me feel ill. I would often develop a sore throat and a mild feeling of depression within an hour of being near certain equipment, such as Wi-Fi routers or smart meters. At one point, I was unable to hold a smartphone in my hand without feeling a “zapped” sensation throughout my entire arm. One time, I experienced heart palpitations because of the building I was in. It was a terrifying experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

For years, I wasn’t willing to admit it, but I was behaving as a victim. I was reacting out of past conditioning and unconscious expectations. I had experienced several severe traumas that left scars at the unconscious, cellular level and were getting triggered in my daily life. I was stuck in what you might call a trauma loop.

The NESSOR changed all that. I joined the Sound Vitality team two years ago thinking I’d landed a cool new job, unaware that I would be casting off reactive programming that had been holding me back for years on end, preventing me from becoming the powerful person I was born to be.

I did a dozen NESSOR sessions, reciting the Foundational Truth statements while receiving the delta-range signals in my feet. I remember feeling during certain sessions as though I was becoming less reactive and more “proactive.” It was such an interesting sensation, as though I was no longer running from my fears, but my fears were instead beginning to run from me. It was almost as though my fears were aware I was waking up to the fact that they weren’t actually all that scary.

After a few weeks of NESSOR Remembering, I started being able to sit near Wi-Fi routers without suffering noticeable negative effects. My nervous system was becoming less reactive to my environment. I stopped coming from a place of limitation and instead started craving wider experiences.

It’s why I decided to become Nessor Man. That’s right, I get to be a superhero at my day job. I fly around at trade shows in a ridiculous blue costume. I dissolve unconscious cellular trauma through the power of low-frequency soundwaves.

It just goes to show that these “self-sabotaging superheroes” I’ve been describing are really superheroes in the making. They have sensitivity “superpowers” and are unfortunately misusing them when they could be applying them toward making the world a better place. Once they realize they are presently engaged in self-sabotaging behavior, they may then use their gifts to better humanity.

In the meantime, EHS sufferers are doing us a great service, helping us identify two major causes of the epidemic problem of chronic illness—oxidative pollution and reactive lies—and to develop solutions which we believe will reduce struggle and greatly enhance quality of life for everyone.

We are grateful for the insights these sensitive canaries provide. May the world listen to their song. May they be released from their struggle, and may we be released from ours.

[1] Kjell Hansson Mild, Mike Repacholi, Emilie van Deventer, Paolo Ravazzani, 2004. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. World Health Organization, 2006.

[2] Michael Witthoft, G. James Rubin, 2012. Are media warnings about the adverse health effects of modern life self-fulfilling? Anexperimental study on idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed toelectromagneticfields (IEI-EMF). Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

[3] The Lancet, 2015. Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems, with over a third having more than five ailments. ScienceDaily.


What are your tips for addressing electronic sensitivity? Engage your Tribe, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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  1. Well written and enlightening article. Well done my NESSOR Hero! Thank you for putting in the time to write this. Thank you for going through what you have to know first hand. You are an inspiration to many.

  2. I remember about the women in the cave. No one has to take as Gospel what I say in this matter but theirs was a self imposed Karma from a time and time space realty when they engaged in a terrible war in which they inflicted terrible suffering on a population by the use of frequencies that caused great suffering and death.
    Janie Martin, C.Ht.

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