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Here at CHI Institute I fulfill orders and repair devices. I love when I speak with an individual and they tell me bits and pieces of their story and how the device has helped their life. You can hear the excitement, passion, and pure joy in their voice when they share. You get to learn who they are as a person. I believe every repair is a soul waiting to be serviced. And every order fulfilled provides hope towards a soul’s healing process. Being the Shipping and Repair Coordinator, you realize it’s not about you, it’s about them and doing the best we can to serve their human experience.

From Tori Kelly…

Just keep watering all the good we find.

For fun, reading, hiking, working-out, listening to music, playing piano, creating spray paint art, going off-road, serving/volunteering, or having weekend mini-adventures with friends are just some of the things I do. If you talk to me about fish, you would hear me geek-out about aquariums and fish. I also collect postcards from the places that I traveled to. My most recent postcard came from the Philippines during a mission trip there.

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