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I have just learned of your fabulous machine last Sunday night. I was in so much pain on the weekend before that I had already decided to have surgery on the following Wednesday. This surgery is a matter of life and death if I have it done, so a friend of mine called me on Sunday night to persuade me not to have surgery but to go to see Dr. Angela and Dr. Thomas Evagash, local Chiropractors in the area, a very nice young couple, husband and wife. I had my mother drive me to their office to talk to them about seeing what they could do for me and she told me of the Infratonic 8 machine [Latest Version is CHI Palm]. Dr. Angela worked with me for 3 hours on Monday and when I got up off the table, I was 70% pain free in my lower back.

I have 2 bulged discs and one ruptured disc, very painful for 6 months! After the treatment, NO pain like it was on the Friday before and I had a hard burst of energy. I could not go to bed on Monday night till 12 midnight and slept till 6 am on Tuesday. I went back on Tuesday for more treatments for 3 hours and Tuesday night, my legs started itching. I thought it was maybe an allergic reaction from the treatments and Dr. Angela said it was the blood flowing better in my legs and the nerves are coming back to life in the legs, both of them. I have no feeling in them for 5 or 6 months. On Wednesday, same treatments, 2 and half hours worth, by the evening, 70% on my feeling came back to the legs. By Thursday, same treatments, and that evening, all of the feeling came back to me.

I am very thankful for y’all and Dr. Angela and Dr Thomas for giving me back my life of at least feeling good again. The problem still exists but at least I am pain free now and can hopefully be on the road to healing. My 2 doctors say it can take 3 to 5 years to recovery and healing and that’s ok because I am in no pain. The whole city has seen me the way I was for 6 months and in just a week, I am in no pain. If you are crying now, it’s ok. I have done my share of crying for 6 months in pain and now I am crying in joy for you inventing this miracle machine to give me and millions of other people back their lives. I thank God for y’all. I am walking advertising for you now and literally hundreds of people have asked me (What happen to you? How did you get better?). I have the information almost memorized and finally I just give them Dr. Evagash’s card and tell the to call them and set up an appointment.

I just wish I could convince the medical doctors to check this out, but they are all scared they might lose a dollar, I guess. Please send me whatever information you can so I can learn more about it too, so I can help y’all sell more of them.

-Robbie O’Quinn

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