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After receiving our Infratonic 8, I started to treat my wife with full body sweeps (Spirit). Polly has had arthritis in her entire body for a number of years and received immediate relief. She was able to relax and the pain level was reduced. We have not been able to reduce the medication but she can get relief as the medication starts to wear off. We have also used the 4.3 Chaos and now the Infratonic 8 to reduce panic attacks. Using the body setting, we placed the transducer on the coccyx. After about 10 minutes, Polly received relief and was able to sleep. We believe that the Infratonic 8 has been a major factor in keeping Polly’s arthritis and related issues under control and allowing her to maintain a positive attitude.

-Jack & Polly Oates (Sun City West, AZ)

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