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My dachshund had jumped off the couch and damaged a vertebrae in his back. He became more paralyzed by the hour. The vet gave him a shot to relax the muscles and nerves, but gave no further hope for healing, other than an expensive surgery. After treating him with the Infratonic, on the specific vertebrae, bottom of his paws and sweeping his head down his body and limbs for three days, he began running and playing outside. The condition has never recurred

I held the Infratonic on his head and sacrum, put it on the bottom of his paws for several minutes and then swept from his head out each leg and paw. I did this for three days. The third days he was out chasing squirrels .I kept the Infratonic on his head and sacrum for about three minutes each, taking it slowly, I swept his spine three times.  It took three days for him to be completely free of pain.

Sally Wright – Murfreesboro, TN


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