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Condition: Lower back strain

Treatment: One hour (B) transducer placed directly over painful area for 40 minutes. The last 20 minutes I moved the transducer upward along the spine (about 4 inches) every 5 minutes to relieve some of the muscle tension along spine. Every 10 minutes I would change the setting to Spirit for 5 minutes, and then back to Body again. This was done throughout the session.

Results: After the treatment, patient had much relief and could move around much more easily and stand straight up once again. I told him that most people continue to get more relief over the next 24 hours. He said that he doubted that because he gets much worse when he wakes up in the mornings. The next morning however, he was amazed when he woke up he could get out of bed with NO PAIN! And could stand up straight and walk normally and had no need to take any pain medication.

-Jeff St. Onge (San Diego, CA)

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