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In 1987 my car was struck by another car at a high speed. I had 2 herniated disks and was in a lot of pain in spite of ongoing treatment by my wonderful chiropractor. It was he who recommended that I use a Chi machine. I eventually purchased your Infratonic machine, which I used for several years before recently upgrading to your Infratonic 8 which I use daily with excellent results.

I relax with the transducer placed on my neck, shoulder and back, every evening for at least 2 hours. In the morning I sweep myself from head to toe I used to require Motrin or Alleve to get through the days. No more! I also need occasional, not regular, pain medication to fall asleep at night, which is a big improvement. I move more freely without painkillers, and I hurt a lot less than I used to. I credit my Chi machine for the improvement.

Sharon Carpenter, San Dimas, CA

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