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Late on Sunday night, I stepped on a rusty nail which, among other things had some herbicide which I used on my broccoli. By Monday my foot was badly swollen with red streaks. The doctor prescribed oral antibiotics and was considering putting me in the hospital with intravenous antibiotic IV. I tried to work on Tuesday but since I am a Massage Therapist, I’m on my feet extensively, and the swelling was so bad that a disk of swollen tissue on the bottom of my foot made my foot roll and twist to the side. I managed two clients, but the swelling and color were getting worse.

I brought a Infratonic home and applied it for a few minutes on the bottom of my foot, and then on the top. Within ten minutes, the swelling was down by half, and the disk disappeared. I was able to move my ankle again. The swelling went down so fast that I wondered where the water was going. After more treatments, about 15 minutes each, a couple of hours apart, it was down to minor swelling and the red streaks had vanished. It was on the mend.

Sharon Sandin, MT

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