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Tension (neck, jaw, legs, lower back), emotional tension, difficulty falling asleep. Placed transducer on centerline, touching root of nose, positioned to treat GV26 & CV24 simultaneously, 20 minutes or more at bedtime (or any other time) supine position. A layer of toweling (washcloth) may be used. This may be enhanced by treatment of collarbone junction, then thymus gland, center of chest, midpoint thighs, midpoint of calf. Set on (Body/Deep Calm) (Mind/Balance) (Spirit/Acute), each provided good qualities. I prefer “Spirit.” Rapid onset of sleep/softening & elongation of neck muscles and clenched jaw/softening of back/feeling of wellbeing/sound, restful sleep. Improved sleeping and reduced pain.

-Bob Hutchins (Coronado, CA)

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