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Problem: Joint inflammation and pain in left big toe joint for a period of 23 years. I walk at least 2 miles, 5 times weekly to maintain my health. I am now 68 years of age.

Treatment: Used the Infratonic on the High setting around the toe joint for 30 minutes, twice daily. The inflammation was greatly reduced after the second treatment. I experienced some very sharp pains of short duration shortly after I walked, after a treatment which I assume were part of the healing process. After the 3rd day I was able to walk better, and experienced less redness and pain when walking. After one week of self-treatments, the inflammation and redness disappeared.

Quality of Life Improvements: I can now walk a mile about 3 minutes faster than before, and I have no more pains during or after walking. It’s just like a miracle. I believe I will not need any surgery on this joint.

-Richard Mantyla (Arlington, VA)

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