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I’m very excited about my machine & its many uses! The problem I’m especially targeting now is a condition called “mallet finger.” I damaged the tendons & ligaments on the top portion of the first joint on my middle left finger, causing the opposing muscles to close the finger unwillingly. I need to use a splint for 2 months to hopefully straighten it out somewhat. Other than that, the medical world offered no other help.

That’s where my Infratonic machine came in! I have been treating the finger every day since it occurred for 1 hour of high frequency therapy. After the treatment my finger is perfectly straight, then I put the splint back on to keep it that way. I was told I would have terrible swelling of the joint & a lot of pain however I have never had either & I credit the Infratonic work I’ve been doing since the injury occurred. I feel so good about what I’m doing to prevent disfiguring my finger (another outcome I was warned I’d have). To know you can address health issues in such a healthy, natural method is very comforting. I’d have to say that this is almost as good as the work the machine is doing for my finger, this peace of mind is priceless!

-Mark Claus (Grass Valley, CA)

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