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Post-polio syndrome. I had a light case of polio as a child and in the last approximately 5 years, I have been experiencing unexplained back, shoulder and neck pain. I have also been experiencing numbness and tingling in both arms and hands. I have also had problems with constipation. I use the Infratonic 8 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] during the entire night. I place the transducer on the various parts of my body where I am experiencing pain (shoulder, neck and back) and have become very adept at moving it around with little loss of sleep. The use of this instrument has allowed me to sleep quite well. In fact, “I don’t leave town without it.”

It has become a very important part of my treatment plan. I use various settings – Body/Deep Calm, Mind/Balance, Spirit/Acute. When I become restless, I place the transducer over my heart chakra and it calms me. I now use very few painkillers and I am remaining very active in my ministry. At age 69, I am a full director of a Spirituality Center. I believe that the Infratonic 8 is one of the modalities that keeps me this active.

-Louise Hageman (Great Bend, KS)

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