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About 12 years ago, I saw a demonstration of the CHI machine; felt it on myself. I was so totally impressed that I have been getting your publications ever since, hoping that one day I might be able to afford one and offer its incredible healing to my family, friends and clients. I’ve been thinking about the CHI machine demonstration for almost 13 years now. That’s a lasting impression, considering I couldn’t tell you much about most other events 13 years ago.

I was at a continuing education seminar and the doctor teaching the seminar brought in his CHI machine to “share” it with us. I am a hands-on Doc; one who is frequently scowling at machines that “heal.” When I tried the machine, I was surprised at how my body relaxed and the powerful physical and emotional calmness and centering (almost altered state, but heightened awareness) that came over me. This all happened in less than one minute.

-Karen Peters, DC (Ashfork, AZ)

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